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Yankees' Dominguez threatens Mesa in the paint

Yonkers Dominguez threatens in the box, based on Mesa

Mesa, Arizona – Jasson Domínguez is determined to steal this bag.

    with Yankees minor league coach Jose Javier’s stare was underway, the Mesa Sun Sox staff pitched, and the teen’s ever-present grin disappeared.

Never mind the showdown takes place in the dirt of Sloan Park family A few feet in front of the dugout. It feels real.

Domínguez took two steps, moved twice . As Javier walks to imaginary home plate, MLBs No.11 The prospect sprints away with joy. Domínguez then ran to the back of the line and ran again.

Then he did it again.

This year olds know, If he’s going to achieve his goal of getting into the major leagues soon, he has to do better at

everything , including stealing bases. That’s why he’s in the Arizona Fall League, and why he’s taking the Sun Sox so seriously.
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  • “I feel like I can get better in every part of the game,” Dominguez Speak in Spanish. “There are some areas I need to do better than others, but I’m improving and I feel like I’m learning every time I play.”

      Domínguez recorded two hits and threes in his first four Arizona Fall League games, walking four times and stealing Two bases that span. On Monday, he reached base four times and ripped another bag, doubled, single, walked twice and scored two points at Mesa ;s -8 lost to Peoria.

    Jasson Domínguez is developing his base grabbing skills with Yankees coach Jose Javier. 2023 Jesse Sanchez 20232023

    )” I really want to use this time to learn and get some Fun,” Dominguez said. “I feel like I’ve met a lot of people, gained experience from them, and shared my experience with others. I can help them, and they can help me.”

    Dominguez was cut. 57/.39/.120 and click

    HOME RUN THREE LEVELS ‘s game and reached a double A in

    . The two-time SiriusXM All-Star Futures contestant also stole 37 base.

    ) “In the Yankees, my number one goal It’s about staying healthy and doing my job,” Dominguez said. “I know that if I stay fit and do what I have to do, good things will come. I don’t know where I’m going to start next season. I can’t control it. Everything I can control is how I play. ”

    Domínguez has been coming for a long time. He signed as an international for $5.1 million 375 lead and instantly become one of the most talked about prospects in the game. Of course, his nickname was Martian, but his feet were firmly planted on the ground. No, he didn’t play himself in MLB The Show because that’s not his style. In fact, he doesn’t play the popular baseball video game at all.

    “I play baseball in real life,” Dominguez laughs Say it in English.

    Now, Clash of Clans? That’s a different story. Domínguez loves that game.

    “Honestly, I’m flattered by all the attention,” more Mingus said. “It’s a blessing from God to be recognized and have people talk positively about you, but the reality is I try not to give too much attention or get caught up in it. My family raised me like that, and I still have a lot of work to do.”
    Javier first collaborated three years ago in Dominguez was in Tampa and the Hudson Valley when the Dominican Republic signed prospects. He was impressed with the teenager at every stop and said the best was yet to come.

    “Jasson is a smart kid who learns a lot Quick, and he adapts quickly,” Javier said. “He works very hard and he believes that if he works hard, there is nothing he can’t do. Right now, we are very impressed with his ability, but we also know that he has a lot of things to continue to improve.”

    Those who know Dominguez would best describe him as humble, quiet and ridiculous. He loves his teammates and he cooks very well. He currently shares a spot near Sloan Park with Yankees forwards Yorlin Calderon and Leam Mendez.

    Domínguez has another goal 2022 .

    “I speak some English,” Dominguez said in Spanish. “I’m studying and I’m able to defend myself, but sometimes I want to make some points and I don’t have the fluency to express myself in English. That’s another goal for next year. I want to improve my English and conduct interviews fluently in both languages .”

      TJ Rumfield, another A Yankees rookie, 3-for-3, triple-double, walks, a pair of RBIs and a Mesa score ; loss, and A prospect Zack Geof (MLB No.

      ) had two hits and one run. Ninth-ranked Marlins prospect Joe Mack homered and threw a potential base-stealer.


      Do not. Nationals prospect Drew Millas homered and doubled in Javelinas’ three-hit four-RBI display.




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