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Yankees fans who use hot dogs as beer straws are either genius, pathological, or both

The standout New Yorker of the week is a Yankees fan who has gone viral for all the right reasons. When the Yankees hosted the Mets on Monday night, a fan in the stands was recorded turning a hot dog into a straw — and then drinking a beer from it. The video garnered 3 million views on Twitter just two hours after it was posted. No one can agree on whether this person is a brilliant inventor or an absolute sick man, and the truth may lie somewhere in the middle.

The video was originally captured by Instagram account @NewYorkNico and posted on Twitter after it was retweeted by Jomboy Media. Watch it for yourself here:

The Yankees have struggled since the All-Star break, but maybe the hot dog scarecrow brought them some luck. The Yankees beat the Mets 4-2 for their second straight win. The last time they won two games in a row was July 29-30.

Is the video real? Some claim it’s not real. NewYorkNico claims to be “New York City’s unofficial talent scout” on their Instagram bio and has posted funny and disgusting baseball stadium food videos in the past. The start time of the video is also just right. People are just asking questions!

Start being a hot dog scarecrow truther. The Kith plaid yankee hat is giving me “designed for tik tok”.

– Lindsey Adler (@lindseyadler) August 23, 2022

I still can’t believe this guy sucked the guts out of a hot dog with a straw. Weird behavior. My next question is, who on earth drinks ballpark beer from a straw?

The Yankees are back on the winning side, and random New Yorkers are now internet famous for doing some vulgar stuff. Everything is in the right place.



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