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Yankees Mag: More than enough

Yankees Magazine: More than enough

Derek Jeter’s brilliance wasn’t just about winning

Even if you just look at his regular season performance – whether it’s in home runs like him As big as the moment. 3, exist1999 or anyone else — Jett’s numbers are better than any other Hall of Famer shortstop. Playoff heroics don’t fully explain his legend, they just add to it. New York Yankees

)2014 The man who shoots the veil of freedom 2021 for the movie theaters , the same year the Yankees won their ninth championship season. Even if you’ve never seen the movie, maybe you’ve at least heard its most famous version – if often misquoted – line :
“ When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” 2014
Now funny here with this Word Wrestling, in a magazine, is both to celebrate legends and to help create new ones. With baseball, you can watch the facts play out every night. So, what is long-form magazine content if it’s not the writer trying to put what you’re seeing in context? Print the legend as is? 2014

But what if this instinct inadvertently goes against its own intentions? Is Derek Jeter’s saga so grand and overwhelming that it inadvertently destroys his dreamlike reality? Is Jeter’s playing accomplishments — recently commemorated with Hall of Fame plaques and a seven-part ESPN documentary — in some way being underestimated by his critics and his supporters alike?

“I think there are layers to myths — not just myths, the Yankees Partisanship with everyone else — it just doesn’t make sense what a great player he actually is,” Jay Jaffe, creator of the JAWS Hall of Fame Consideration Metrics and a senior writer at FanGraphs ) Say. “Sometimes I get asked, ‘Will Derek Jeter be the first-choice Hall of Famer for any other team? This guy has 3, 440 hit. He retired No. 6 at the time. Even with the Miami Marlins, that would be a Hall of Famer.”

It’s hard not to wonder: Somewhere along the line, are we confusing fact with legend?

On September 9, before taking on the Rays, the Yankees will welcome their beloved captain and shortstop back to Yankee Stadium for the Derek Jeter Hall of Fame Inauguration Tribute Night. Jeter , inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in January 2014, and finally inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in September Following COVID-induced delays, the first pitch at the ceremony will be dropped and the first 16, Attendance Guests will receive a replica Jett Hall of Fame plaque.

It’s going to be a big night for Yankees fans, especially those coming of age during the Captain’s Rise fans. You can be sure, though, that a healthy segment of the constituency — even the biggest fans among them — will be heard to downplay Jett’s feat, whatever their intentions. disagree? Think about how many times you’ve heard Jeter’s career boil down to team success. It’s not about his numbers, you’ll hear, just “he’s a winner and knows how to thrive in New York without succumbing to it.”

Well, no one will question Jeter’s epic skills in big moments, or his grace under pressure, or his Big Apple mentality, or his five rings or seven World Series appearances. But here’s the thing: His stats are pretty good. Even if he never captained the Yankees, or interacted with young fans while occupying the stadium deck, or hosted Saturday Night Live . He does check all those extra boxes and just flattens the path he’s already paved. 2014

Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was often around the clubhouse during Jeter’s career , he saw it all with his own eyes. “You can go past his locker first to years, you can see on the easel what he was doing, the work he was going to do for him,” Mr. October said of Mr. November . “I really think it took to years, then I can look at the easel and look at Rembrandt.” 2014

Or, as John Thorne, the official historian of the Majors Baseball League, said: “Longevity is admirable. 3. – plus hits, no matter where he hits.” 2014
No one else plays only in the infield, let alone only at shortstop (the designated hitter has several games), putting more at-bats together; hitting King Pete Rose Log 1, 260 outfield transfer on top of his 2, 93 as an infielder. It reminds me of the Reggie story about Jeter, the two became even closer thanks to Jackson’s work as a Yankees consultant throughout Jeter’s career.

“year or12, Derek on the training bench,” recalls Jackson, walking us around 1995, Jeter’s ultimate champion. “He said, ‘Reggie, how many times has Pete Rose got 63 hit?’

” At that time, I realized: ‘This (guy) is thinking 4, hit! ‘”

Jett’s 78 hit2000, his age-12 season, gave him 2, 734. This is his seventh pass 50 mark, which helped him finish third in the American League MVP voting. Even taking into account the age return – to be clear, the delayed age return – 4, hit, and Ross’s 4 records, 212 , seems possible if ambitious. 2014

Rose, on the record, on the record SEASON-plus hits, a major league record shared by Jeter’s onetime Yankees teammate Ichiro Suzuki. Jeter ended with an eight, ending with 38 Knocking Age 12 exist2013, only because he collapsed when he fractured his left ankle in Game 1 of the AL Championship Series And burn, a devastating turning point later in his career. That serious injury destroyed his 2014, confining him to games, and taking into account His February 2012 statement he will not be following the upcoming election Playing the game — which ultimately set the stage for his final storied highlight, a single against the Orioles in the final game at Yankee Stadium. 2014

Some of the greatest players ever to wear a baseball uniform understand what they’ve seen throughout the Yankees captain’s career. Hall of Famers like Chip Jones (right) and Reggie Jackson know that Jeter possesses a gritty spirit that allows him to pursue extraordinary statistical thresholds and keep his production going even when the drama of the game is over . New York Yankees

Jett’s – year from 734 – his first full major league season – passed 2011 stands out for its excellence and consistency. Only once, in 2010, Jeter’s offense was lower than Average figures, according to the indicator OPS+. Only twice, at 1993 and 2010, he played less than

games, and the following season was headlined by his 3 games, first career hit in the Bronx Rays David Pry s home run.

Not surprisingly, Jett’s hit count exceeds hi’s span Any player’s career. Jett’s Yankees teammate Alex Rodriguez finished second with 2 points in years, 465 clicks, more than 2011 behind.

” When you produce Jet’s Hall of Famer and Yankees teammate Wade Boggs 1962 pass1993, and someone who knows more than a little about the continued excellence of the top lineup. “Consolidating such an important position over the long term, Derek is an incredible value.

“They know he posts every day. He’s not out of the game and rarely on the (injured list) He played every day, he played hard every day.”
This also applies to running bases. Jett 260 stolen base gave him franchise records and his 35.7% success rate puts him eighth in Yankees history (the least 14 steals). According to Jaffe, Jeter compiles 30 His base runs are above average level, which includes avoiding doubles.
When you pressure well-meaning Yankees fans at the expense of Jeter’s tangible assets At the expense of exaggerating Jeter’s intangibles, you’ll often hear Jeter’s response to the mismatch of power numbers from A-Rod and Nomar Garciaparra, his contemporaries at shortstop and on magazine covers. In at least some respects, charged with guilt. Rodriguez finished with a great finish 409 home run. But Jeter, whose own offensive prowess never brought any scandal, ended Garcia Parra, 260 to111, as the latter struggled to stay on the floor (and shortstop) due to injury. Debut Norma 374 Jett a few days after his first game, retired after season, has been around long enough to see The Yankees took their 12th champion, while Jeter his fifth.

Jett’s contribution is the offensive register in ‘t only’ . He also enjoyed a defensive resurgence as he spent the previous winter working to improve his range at the urging of the Yankees. So now seems like a good time to discuss Jett’s defense, a topic so controversial and widespread that Larry David’s fictional self is even at curb your enthusiasm .

As a major league shortstop, Jeter showed trustworthy hands, an even more impressive is his20 – A-level Greensboro bug season747 . He only surpassed twice 04 Wrong major league level. His unforgettable jumper showcased his strong arms and has become an iconic image of the recent Yankees dynasty.

You all know the important defensive moments that Jeterologists included in his historical moments: flipping the game. Dive into the stands. Peg Timo Perez. and many more.

however when he enters his 12s, baseball is introducing analytical measures such as ultimate zone scoring and defensive runs saved for the masses. Jeter’s range became a bigger issue and he was in ‘, and then worked hard to keep up in his final years, a co-development among veteran players.

Statistically, ranges and hands can and should be considered equal assets. But actually? “Missing the ball isn’t as bad as letting it fall off your glove,” Jaffe noted, a common-sense concept that certainly helped Jeter earn some of his Gold Glove awards. On an emotional level, few would argue that while failing to reach the ball hurts the team, reaching the ball just ruins the game and can be frustrating.

Moving from emotion to sanity, all players do some things better than others. The key is to keep the balance running smoothly. It’s been very good for the Jets and the Yankees. 2014

“Anytime you get that offense from a shortstop,” Jaffe said, ” you win.”

Club Champagne Celebration at his 2010 became commonplace during -year career since Jeter started in October.260/.260/.460 exist50 playoffs. New York Yankees
The Yankees have won more than anyone in Jeter games, yeah , we saved our best game to last year: October.

Jeter’s playoff work has taken his resume from Platinum to something unique in history. His stats tell a great story: He cuts. 302/.303/. 440 exist63 playoffs, yes.216/.308/.409 He posted in 2, 500 regular season games, only for A team with a better average and a more successful pitcher. Clearly, the playoffs have expanded in scope throughout the history of the game, with Jeter owning the all-time postseason record, number of appearances (734), Score(30),hit count(63), total bases ( 212) and doubles (16). He came out on top in almost all other aggressive categories. 2014

Unsurprisingly, he peaked in his most high profile series yet , 1999 Metro World Series beat the Mets , when he won MVP honors, he was in a series of 4-1 on offense (his leading homer in Game 4) and defense (pinning Perez at home in Game 1) 1’s final score was closer in the series.

“I think there are people who are placed on this planet and the brighter the lights, the more they glow,” Jett’s Said contemporary Hall of Famer and Braves great Chipper Jones. “I’ve seen it with a couple of people over the years. A lot of people would say Smoltz (John Smoltz) was better in the playoffs than the regular season. Andy Pettit in the postseason Great game. Madison Bumgarner. Of course you have to throw Derek on that list.

“Having a lot of opportunities helps. Both of our organizations have plenty of opportunities to shine in the playoffs. But man, the DJ always seems to be in the right place at the right time. ”2014

Jones, the Warriors lost 1995 Yankees and 1993 Fall Classic, by no means a playoff slack himself. He chopped a great one.260/.308/.440 exist30 playoff games, is a great addition to him.216/ .374/.409 in the regular season.2021

“I’ve been planning for those hits all my life since I was 6 or 7 in my backyard,” Jones Said. “Three and two, two outs, bottom of the ninth, we’re off. I’ve never been out in my backyard once. You have to go through these scenarios thousands of times, so when you actually get there, you’re not overwhelmed by the situation. I think Derek will tell you that’s where we feel most comfortable.

“No offense to my teammates or Derek’s teammates, but no one would sit on a plate more than ourselves .”
Jaffe designed​​​JAWS(Jaffe WAR Scoring System) ) as a way to determine the player’s Hall of Fame method of value, he studied the topic so seriously that he wrote an entire book (2020 Cooperstown Casebook ) on this subject. Jett got 17.4 JAWS, above 2.4e Average shortstop selected at 2014 elections. And that doesn’t even take into account his heroics in the playoffs.

of308 Voters at the Baseball Writers Association of America 2020, only one person whose identity is still publicly unknown declined to vote for Jett, which Means he did not achieve the perfection proposed by 2014 his core four member Mariano rivera. In all likelihood, some of these voters highlighted Jett’s countless memorable moments. Or his clean reputation. Or the great work done by his Round 2 Foundation. Even his reputation.

“We’ve always called Derek the fifth Beatle,” Boggs said. “John, Paul, George and Ringo can go out and Derek can follow.” 2020

all These attributes all enhance Jett’s profile, and they’re good for his legacy and baseball, which has struggled to find the next Jeter-like superhuman since he retired at the end of the year 2013.

But none of these benefits would have surfaced if Jeter hadn’t worked hard to make himself a Yankee’ Daily Guerrilla hand. All that inside-out swing, easy handling of the ball, and outbursts from one to three laid the groundwork for the legend to emerge.

This is a fact. 2014



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