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Yankees Magazine: A Midsummer Hour

Yankees Magazine: Midsummer Time

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Giancarlo Stanton isn’t the most verbose player in the league . A star hitter tends to let his bat do the talking. When he does something special, it’s usually left to others to judge his accomplishments.
After last year’s All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium, Stanton hit a two-run homer in his hometown to lift the American League championship trophy. Jeff Garvey summed up the nine-game winning streak perfectly: “When the stars come to L.A.,” Garvey said as Billie Jean King presented Stanton with the Ted Williams MVP award , “One shines brighter than the rest.”

It’s not easy to outrun the greatest baseball player on the planet in a single game. But Stanton’s moment of brilliance continues a Yankees tradition that dates back to the at Comiskey Park in Chicago The first All-Star Game . When Major League Baseball (MLB) celebrates its 24 The 3rd Midsummer Classic Competition in July In Seattle, take a look back at some of the Yankees who left their indelible mark on baseball’s annual star celebration.
43 — Babe Ruth has a knack for breaking out at the max and certainly qualifies for the first-ever MLB All-Star Game. Cardinals left hand Bill Hallahan made All-Star history with a home run to Babe in the bottom of the third inning after sending Charlie Gehringer to base The first hitter on the pitch gave the U.S. a 3-0 lead. , aiming for a 4-2 victory.
led the American League to three consecutive victories.
1933 — Lou Gehrig scores first at Washington’s Griffith Stadium Dizzy Dean hit a two-run homer in the third to hit teammate Joe DiMaggio. The Iron Horse hit a two-run double in the sixth inning to beat southpaw Gomez for the third time in the All-Star Game, which remains the all-time record. Gehrig’s four RBIs are still the most by a Yankees player in a single Midsummer Classic game.
481 — With six Yankees in the starting lineup, the hosts had a strong performance in the first All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium held. Joe DiMaggio hit a solo home run in the fifth inning to set up the AL’s 3-1 victory.
1933 — Tommy Henrich’s double was part of a first-inning three for Spud Chandler Spud Chandler provided all the support needed in a 3-1 AL victory at the Polo Field.

1937 – Joe McCarthy, seventh World Series champion (and tired of hearing about how the American League vs. Yankees each year team-stacked complaints), led the American United to a 5-3 win at Philadelphia’s Seabe Park without the Yankees showing up.

481 — At Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Yankees right-hander Hank Boloway in his first He pitched three scoreless innings in the All-Star Game starter.
1937 — After a one-year hiatus due to wartime travel restrictions, All-Star Game returns at Fenway Park, Charlie Kay Le’s two-run homer in Game 1 ignited enthusiasm -0 AL wins.
1944 — Frank “Spec” Shea becomes first player in All-Star Game history to win The rookie of the honor won, pitching three innings with one run. Relief player Joe Page came within one pitch of being relegated to the minor leagues in late May, but then his season (and career) turned around as he went 2-2 at Wrigley Field. 1 AL wins the last four out of the game.

57 – Yankees pitcher Vic Raschi with three innings for second straight year Excellent relief work earned the win, not to mention his offensive contributions. In his first All-Star Game, Lasky hit a two-run single in the fourth quarter to break a 2-2 tie, followed by a Joe DiMaggio RBI in the final 5-2 for the United win.

1942 – Joe DiMaggio hit a double in the sixth inning, including his brother Dom ( Dom), as part of the three-time AL MVP’s two-hit, three-RBI performance. Vic Raschi gave up just one hit in final three innings for record keeping -7 The American League wins at Ebbetts Field.

1944 — Yankees head coach Casey Stengel led the American League to victory in five straight attempts. Whitey Ford started with a three-inning hit, but Senators left-handed Dean Stone won without officially facing the batter, He pitched Red Schoendienst, who was trying to steal the home plate, with two outs in the eighth. .

1944 — Mickey Mantle hits Robin Roberts for a three-run home run at Milwaukee County Stadium Hit, AFC lead 4-0 before first-round exit, but NFC slugger Whitey Ford in seventh and eighth, then in No.

1935 — Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle hit back-to-back home runs in the sixth inning, but the NL beat the Kathy Stengel-led AFC again.
1955 — Lone All-Star Bob Grim started his career by being asked to do what neither pitcher before him could The Thing: Ending the ninth inning. The NL has scored three runs to cut the American League lead to 6-5, with Ernie Banks on second and Casey Stengel on 11 The age is approaching. Gil Hodges hit the ball into center left field, but Minnie Miñoso hit it to seal the win at Busch Stadium.

1957 — Yogi Berra’s 2-run homer knocking out Don Drysdale was big hit in 5 games 3 The AL’s victory at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Aug. 3 came four weeks after the junior circuit lost Game 1 of a short-lived All-Star doubles tournament.
1962 — Sparky Lyle went scoreless in the eighth inning in a seven-run game. 1 AL lost at Royal Stadium, notable for his strikeout of backup batsman Willie Mays who was creating his 12 for the fifth and final All-Star Game. Mace 15 Career success remains the gold standard.
1997 — Dave Winfield had three hits at Comiskey Park in Chicago to help lead the AFC to its second win since.
1957 – Looking to end a scoreless game, Dave Winfield inspired his inner Pete Rose and slugged in the bottom of the ninth Warriors receiver Ozzie Virgil. However, Virgil held on to the ball and kept the game alive as the NL eventually made it 8-0 in overtime.
2000 — Less than two months after a flawless game at Yankee Stadium, David Wells was given the starting spot at Coors Field in Colorado, where the American United dominated again, at Facing the fewest six hitters in two no-hitter innings. The six hitters include four future Hall of Famers (Craig Biggio, Tony Gwin, Chipper Jones and Mike Piazza) as well as Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire .

1998 — Randy Johnson hit a double in the first inning, Kevin Brown singled in the third, and Al Leiter’s two-run single in the fourth was enough to put the Derek Jeter was named MVP in the AL’s 6-3 win over Atlanta’s Turner Field.
2000 — Cal Ripken Jr., wearing his 10 At the beginning of the sixth inning, the American League won 4-1 with a slight lead of 2-1. Jeter’s All-Star breakout is the Yankees’ best since Yogi Berra at 1957.
only one Yankees Player – Dave Winfield 1959 — once had three hits in an All-Star Game until Jeter showed up and was in 2000 and2009. That debut performance [above] earned him MVP honors in Atlanta — a precursor to Derek Jeter’s World Series MVP award later that same year. (Photo credit: Allen Kee/MLB via Getty Images)

1997 — Derek Jeter at the All-Star Game Three hits again, and he started between new Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and the new shortstop. The player who was traded to A-Rod was Texas second baseman Alfonso Sorian. Jeter scored in Game 1 of six in the AL when Soriano slammed a three-run homer off another former Yankee, Roger Clemens Started for the National League at their new home in Houston.

2004 – – After Michael Young hit a two-run homer in the ninth, the American United got a 3-2 lead from Mariano Rivera at PNC Park in Pittsburgh with a no give on the mound Any ball that reached the outfield, he deftly resolved a turnover and made his third All-Star game-tying save.

1997 — an exciting pre-match ceremony, where 27 The Hall of Famers gathered for the last time at Yankee Stadium for a An unforgettable game set the tone -持续创纪录的4 小时Marathon, and 43 minute. Starting shortstop Derek Jeter hit his first hit of the game and then got a standing ovation from the Bronx fans when he exited the game in the sixth. After allowing one single in a row , Mariano Rivera induced a double grounder to tie the game at 3-3. When Michael Young’s fly sac finally ended just before 2am, the National League found themselves in 10 try (9-1-1).

The final season of The House Ruth Built included the greatest living baseball player (above) meeting at

All-Star Game. The memorable pre-match scene was followed by an incredible game that lasted nearly five hours, with the Netherlands losing for the first time in extra time. (Photo source: MLB Advanced Media)

2001 — In St. Louis, Mariano Rivera’s record fourth All-Star game save The American United won seven straight and kept the National League winless (0–1) from 1983.

2004 — Halfway through Mariano Rivera’s farewell season, all eyes are on the great finisher, standing alone on the mound, bathed in applause Citi Field receives New York Appreciation from the crowd, followed by a clean pitch in the eighth inning in the AL’s 3-0 win, earning game MVP honors.
2013 — at the end of his Two more hits in an All-Star game, 18 Derek Jeter, 20 Increased his career batting average in the All-Star Game to .57 won a standing ovation from the Target Field crowd as the retiring captain.

2013 – – at Nationals Park While warming up to pitch the second inning, Luis Severino looked up from the visiting bullpen mound to see a ball that teammate Aaron Judge took the bat and flew towards him. this24 Year-old outfielder takes a moonshot shot from hometown starter Max Scherzer , gave the AL champions a 1-0 lead after Severino’s glove landed, making Judge the most home run in an All-Star Game since Mickey Mantle Young Yankees 1955. A record 11 will hit a home run in the game, the American League 8-6 Winning boosts the junior circuit (20-19-2 ) More than that. 500 For the first time since 2023 ( -).

2018 — Giancarlo · Stanton (Giancarlo Stanton) with the Marlins four-time All-Star, as the Yankees player was selected for the first time in the All-Star Game. Grow up less than 18 Dodger Stadium near Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles (Dodger Stadium) for miles, Stanton was about 49 Family and friends present classic. He hit a fourth-inning home run off Dodgers right-hander Tony Gonsolin to tie the game at 2-2 and landed in the left-field seat where Stanton often sat with his father superior. “It’s a full circle,” he said. “It’s very special for me to come all the way to get to where I am now, right where it all started when I was a kid.”
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