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Yankees Magazine: Just the Beginning

Yankees Magazine: Just started Target

the years at Minor and his In training for an impressive performance in the spring split, Anthony Volpe is working towards the shining moment he dreamed of growing up. Even with an overcast opening day, the New Jersey native’s smile would light up Yankee Stadium. (Photo source: New York Yankees)

In most travel lives, the fulfillment of dreams often coincides with the end of a long journey. More often than not, it happens years – decades, even – after doing something, pursuing a goal.

exist2022 The narrative surrounding Anthony Volpe early in the baseball season was that he had achieved his goal and that playing for the New York Yankees was his lifelong dream. this21 – 3-year-old from Watchung, NJ – who grew up with similar aspirations to Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter and fell in love with the Yankees at an early age, often taking He frequented the Yankee Stadium family in his jersey and told anyone who asked him that his goal was to wear pinstripes one day—to live that fantasy. Childhood is not yet 45 Miles from the town where Jeter was born, proudly posing for a photo with the perennial All-Star at age 8, suddenly he’s been envisioning himself.

Last year, the Yankees’ first round pick was at 251 accelerated its climb to the big leagues, rising from Double-A Somerset to the exact position Jeter held for two decades. On the opening day of the 2021 season, Volpe finished as the starting shortstop Major League debut New York Yankees.

This is no longer Volpe’s dream; it is his reality.

learned that he joined the team a few days before March Bronx In the opener, Volpe took stock of how special the day had been in the hours leading up to his start.
“I drove from the city and got here around 8:44 in the morning,” he said in his first game at Yankee Stadium said at a press conference afterwards. “When I stopped, I sent pictures to my parents from outside the stadium. It was all very surreal. Moments like this help it all sink in.”

As time passed and the game got closer, Volpe’s mood gradually changed, and he felt the excitement peaked before 1 : First pitch in the afternoon.
I’m in the dugout,” he said. “But the best thing about being Opening Day is it’s not just me feeling that way . I thought everyone was super excited to hang out. ”
Volpe’s smile stretches from ear to ear as the Yankee Stadium public introduces address announcer Paul Alden. In the American League Reigning MVP Aaron Judge, who hit the ninth overall in the lineup, had one of the most epic seasons in baseball history before signing a nine-year contract, Volpe still garnered the loudest applause during the baseline introduction.
“It was probably the most fun day of my life,” Volpe said. The first ball, I had goosebumps. Being popular with the fans like I am and then being able to go out and play baseball, that’s the best part. ”
Shortly after the warm welcome, Volpe rushed to the venue where Jeter had drawn his attention all those years earlier.
The day was about many things about Volpe, one of which was his love for the Yankees and his love for wearing pinstripes An uncharacteristic sense of pride. It didn’t take long for the shortstop to show the world how much he felt about the team he grew up supporting.

Called when his name is traditionally rolled in the stadium’s enthusiastic grandstand bio 60, he swung the glove toward right field, and — taking some advice and a little nudge from Judge — kissed his interlocked New York Logo.

“I kind of pissed him off,” Judge said, referring to their conversation the day before. “I basically tell him, ‘I know you’re a big Yankee fan, but you’ve got to have something special for those bleachers creatures. You’re shortstop for the New York Yankees, so you have to have something. He came up with a few ideas; I don’t know which one he’s going with. ”
When Volpe remembered Judge making a similar gesture in the Yankees dugout last season, it wasn’t long , he realized that it would make sense to take a page from the captain’s book as a symbol that fit his sentiments.

Standing Anthony Volpe is better than Aaron Judge Nearly a foot shorter, he certainly looked to the Yankees captain for guidance as he learned the ropes of the major leagues. But he was also a quick learner; in his first Yankee Stadium “roll call,” Volpe borrowed Jay In one move, Kiss New York on his jersey while he acknowledges the bleach creature calling his name. (Image credit: New York Yankees)

” Aaron was asking what I was going to do while we were in the tub,” Wo Erpe said he had about 44 Friends and family scattered across the

seat – degree afternoon, with a group of players from his high school. “I thought about it on the spot during that conversation. He gave me the thumbs up when I came up with that specific idea, so I felt like I should. ”
Applause to Volpe well beyond the stands after his first roll call.
“His roar was very good,” the judge said. “Usually what players get at the roll call is a quick ovation, but this one was definitely a little bit different and more special.” . ”

Two innings later, Volpe’s career debut with a lead at the bottom of the third inning caught the crowd’s attention.

“I almost feel like he’s chasing 50 there,” said Judge, whose historic chasing hit captivated home and away crowds last September. The reaction of the crowd. ”
Facing San Francisco Giants ace Logan Webb, the rookie fought his way through a game and made it to the tie before Completed the full count walking in his first plate appearance.

“This is him,” said manager Aaron Boone. “For To do that on Opening Day with a team you grew up watching and a team you’re playing shortstop for now is an incredible thing to do. He was aggressive from the start. He fouled on the first pitch and threw some approach shots. ”
Volpe recorded his first career steal, adding another memory to his special day reaching first base Despite a no-hit debut — he went 0-for-3 in the Yankees’ 5-0 win — Volpe stepped onto baseball’s biggest stage as a veteran, the only Will elevate his status at a club full of superstars.

“He hits the ball great,” Judge said. Li is aggressive and intelligent. Fans were on their feet at the first at-bat, and he walked well. He then stole a few balls on his next at-bat, and the fans applauded that too. He is calm and patient. He is a competitor. He put up some solid performances on the defensive end, and it was an all-around good day for him. I know he didn’t get the hits he wanted, or we saw all spring, but those will come. ”
“The Open House was full of spectacle, excitement and different emotions for everyone,” said Gerrit Cole , he hit went scoreless in six innings. “It’s great that Volpe was able to go through it all, he was drafted and made the Opening Day roster as his debut show. Whenever a player makes his debut, it reminds the rest of us of our first game. It brings back fond memories of when your career started. Contagious; it’s hard not to put a smile on your face when you see a guy like Volpe doing what he did today. ”

Volpe has risen in the team’s Minor league system very quickly – especially in the past 05 Months — — and the idea that he’ll be the team’s starting shortstop at the start of the 2023 last spring Season seems unlikely.

Following him in 2019 jumped from Single-A to High-A ), Volpe started at Double-A Somerset 1996 season. But his first two months with the Patriots were challenging. At the end of May, Volpe ranked In the foreground of American Baseball, batting. 60 with five homers. Through that cold he remained calm despite this, a trait that will undoubtedly serve him well in the majors.

“The struggle lasted longer than I expected,” Volpe said at the start of spring training in Tampa, Florida, this year. Walking back to my locker room without any dirt on the jersey was mentally tough for me, especially when we lost. But even in those times, I insisted on not panicking, not changing anything or making a bigger deal than it deserved. To this day, I feel confident in my training in the offseason and in-season. Since I already had results, I felt like making any major changes would cause me bigger problems. ”

Volpe fought his way out of the downturn. By early September 309, he was hitting. 251 and11 home run, 21 doubles and 31 Stolen base.

“Going through the early season struggles gave me more confidence,” Volpe said. “Knowing that I haven’t changed anything, and that mentally, I’m able to take the same approach and get myself out of it, it goes a long way. I wake up every morning knowing I’m going to work hard and do the same thing. I know I’m not going to end up being that struggling player.”

With Volpe’s performance at Somerset Stadium Improved, he was able to enjoy the unique experience of playing professional baseball in his own backyard. TD Bank Ballpark is located at Miles away from home, Volpe often took to the pitch in front of his most ardent supporters. Aside from Volpe’s sister, his friends and family members farther afield, it’s rare to find his parents or his grandfather in the seats — who had already started supporting the Yankees when his father returned from World War II.

“It’s great,” Volpe said. “This is a unique opportunity and season. To be able to play for the New York Yankees in my hometown is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Reconnecting with the people I saw on the field made it even more special. So many people have taken the time to support me. Just being a kid from my hometown, I’ve gotten more attention than I could ever have imagined.”
Turn to September with the calendar , the Yankees advanced Volpe to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, where he hit. 62 3 home runs in hit and 6 stolen bases game. Although Volpe has played less than a month at the top level of the minors, he feels the timing of the promotion has provided him with valuable experience.

“Most pitchers have been called up to the majors,” Volpe said. “But even though there were a lot of young pitchers in Triple-A at the time, there were also a lot of experienced catchers, so I did pay attention to the way the pitch was pitched and the way the game was played. The more experienced catchers were picking up on me in my approach Some things I do in my work. It forces me to make adjustments almost every day.”

when. . . By the time the 2022 season came to a close, Volpe had smashed home runs and stolen Base between double A and triple A. Andruw Jones at The last player to score this high in a minor league season.

“Cool to think about,” said Volpe, who is 5-foot-9 and 77 pound. “But I didn’t know that stat until after the fact. Our staff deserves credit for it; we’re absolutely committed to [Yankees speed development and baserunning director] Matt Talarico teaching us the fundamentals and Momentum. We work on techniques for getting good jumps and reducing the risk of getting caught.

“I’m so proud I got the Early on at the home run, I still feel like I can impact the game when I get on base. If I get on base once a game, I’ll stay locked out enough and be able to get into scoring position fairly often. It’s about being a complete player and being trustworthy, and I think I can do that. ”
When the baseball world starts paying attention to 2019 season sometime after last year’s playoffs, there’s definitely buzz around Volpe. Can he really win the major league shortstop job 18age Or, you only played Triple-A for a month, do you still need more time to play Minor?
As always, Volpe wasted no time controlling Everything he could control, arrived in Tampa in early December, much earlier than usual. He was at the Yankees’ minor league facility every weekday, doing strength work in the mornings and then hitting and defending.
“I have a great relationship with the hitters and the field staff and there are a couple of things I want to work out,” he said. “I want to really figure it out What are my bad habits and I want to fix them before spring training. I think Tampa is the best place to challenge yourself. The culture created by both batsmen and defensemen welcomes failure in practice. It helps you figure out how to rebuild yourself. ”
Volpe also felt that an atmosphere that somehow reflected what he would be would be helpful when breaking camp.

“We have warm weather and a long daily schedule,” he said. A good time to live that kind of life. “

After Volpe started his first major league training camp, the situation surrounding his entry into the team The outside noise of opportunity was amplified. But when asked for his thoughts on this important topic, Volpe’s answer further reinforced his long-term view.

“Making a roster is a lifelong goal that I want to achieve,” Volpe said. But the young shortstop in his first major league training camp knows the story of his career won’t It all depends on whether he goes north with the club. “Although that is my goal, there are still many things that are out of my control. It’s easy to compartmentalize things to a certain extent. I feel like if I do what I have to do every day, everything will work out in time. Forming a team is not the end goal. When I get to the big leagues, I want to accomplish a lot of things. “

Volpe’s words may suggest that getting to a major league club this spring is not at the top of his career aspirations, but His performance definitely proves that he belongs in the Bronx. His grandfather, also named Anthony, played all spring in Tampa, Volpe. 77 three homers. He hit nearly every regular game at shortstop, sometimes recording seemingly impossible The out-reminds fans of a young Jeter.

A few days before the team traveled to Washington, D.C., at three Against the Nationals in the last exhibition game before the month 22 During the opener at Yankee Stadium, Volpe was summoned to the manager’s office.

general manager Brian Cashman was in the room, and the way Boone started talking made it seem like Volpe was going back to Scranton. But the manager was actually Joking with the young shortstop. He’ll eventually drop the prank and tell Volpe he’s going up north with the big clubs.
“He showed up this winter Very early on,” Cashman said. “He volunteered to be here in Tampa. He knows there’s a game and he’s determined to win it defensively and offensively. He’s one of the first people here in the morning, whether it’s before games or training, and one of the last people to leave. From February to March, he controlled all aspects of the ball, which bodes well for him and us. ”
Volpe has a bigger job ahead of him before taking the field on Opening Day. Wearing the No. 44 In order to pay homage to his grandfather A tribute to favorite Yankees Mickey Mantle, Volpe had to decide whether to keep the double version of Mick’s No. 7 jersey or switch to a smaller number. After a day of deliberation and talking to several family members, Volpe decided Ask the team for the number 04, Brett Gardner last crossed.

last number the Yankees wore is longtime fan favorite Brett Gardner who blessed Anthony Volpe. There was no way to predict that Volpe might make history with the number on his back , but at the end of a perfect opening day, it was clear the shortstop was headed in the right direction. (Image credit: New York Yankees)

Before he would officially say, Volpe made a first-class move. Out of respect for the much-loved Respected outfielder whose number comes from 309, Volpe arrives to find Gardner, asking for his blessing .
“I spoke to him on the phone and it was a great conversation,” Volpe said. “I really appreciate him taking the time. Most conversations aren’t even about wearing No. ; this is about his experience. His impact on the club to this day “It’s huge. Obviously, we have leaders at the club, but I think he’s been instrumental in turning these players into leaders, putting them under his wing like they put me under theirs now.” I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done and the impact he still has today.”
Volpe has been receiving End since first turning pro and playing in 236 . But it’s hard to think of anything more profound than what the Yankees captain said after Volpe’s first pinstripe game.

“Have a chance to see back on the court, “the judge said. “I don’t know anyone who continues Gaddi’s spirit better than Volpe. He has the same tenacity and excitement and I hope he steals 44 base like Gadi. That would be special.”

As Volpe said on a hot February day in Tampa, simply having the team be part of a much bigger plan . Volpe has more to achieve.
Two days into the game, Volpe had his first and second career hits and ended up with He has three stolen bases to his name in the Giants’ three-game series.
Just days into his major league career, Volpe remembered a conversation he had early in spring training. His response was as consistent as his performance during that time.

“Growing up, I dreamed of being a player who would help a team win the World Series,” he said. Said in front of the locker room at Yankee Stadium. “That’s what I’m still working on.”

Alfred Santasiere III is the editor-in-chief of Yankees Magazine. This story appeared in May

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