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Yankees Magazine: 'Some Ballyard'

Yankees Magazine: ( some pitches

63 Years ago, the Yankees pulled back the curtain on Yankee Stadium – and raised the bar for the team home

New York Yankees

Yankee Stadium was only about half an hour old when the first legendary moment happened there.

in April 16, 1921, before spending Giants of the Polo Grounds as New York tenants straddling the Harlem River for many years, a period in itself, followed by After years spent in a wooden ballpark on one of the highest points in Manhattan, the Yankees open the doors of their new home in the Bronx. It’s unlike anything baseball has ever seen—a three-story monolith made of Edison concrete and a Johns-Manville asbestos roof, representing years, two-year refurbishment in mid

s, then provide 22 More years of memories before closing and in 1923 against the proverbial wrecking ball.

Game 1 was Wednesday afternoon when Yankees catcher Wally Schang caught Bob Shawkey’s first pitch at 3: 22 When pm reaches the bottom, the third starts, the minimum Hit base. Boston’s George Burns, who hit a single to left center at the top of the second quarter and was the only base runner at the time, was quickly caught stealing a base.

In those days, of course, batters didn’t walk out of the zone between pitches, and umpires didn’t change baseballs when they touched the ground, Pitchers barely breathed before getting into their positions the next over. The game progresses quickly. Shockey’s strikeout over Burns ends 4-1 Yankees win will happen shortly after 5 : In the afternoon, a person took the Jerome Avenue Elevated Return A banker in Manhattan might be sitting in his apartment by 5: 33.

so , perhaps a few minutes before 4 p.m., Babe Ruth made his second appearance inside the box at Yankee Stadium. as a19 year old pitcher

Red Sox, Lu Ruth pitched his first full game against the Yankees at Fenway Park at age 3. Now, nine years later here he is, a 28 year old superstar slugger starts his In his first season in the majors, this is his fourth since being sold to New York by Boston owner Harry Frazee in December 394.

Since leaving the mound to become a full-time hitter, Ruth has revolutionized the game, hitting twice as many home runs in a season as anyone could imagine. Not only that, but he’s an all-around phenom baseball player. In his second season with the Yankees, 817, he scored 161 run — still team record.

go through1922, he is rich, famous and probably considered the best player in baseball. But he’s not quite… a

legend .

not yet.

after that714 season, he took a step backwards. He was killed by Kenesaw in the first six weeks of 1921 Mountain Landis commissioner suspended) to tour in the offseason — something the league asked him to do a decade later. Yankees named him captain during spring training, but in his sixth game since his suspension, He got into an argument with the referee, was sent off the game, heard from a heckler at the Polo Grounds on his way back to the dugout, and decided to jump into the stands to chase the heckler, presumably while saying something particularly unkind.

Captain was revoked.

Babe ended with “disappointing”. 161 Batting Average 394 and further weakened his popularity with fans during the World Series position in China, when he was 2 to in the second straight loss to the Yankees at the Polo Land Landlords Giants Hit one point.

Instead of wallowing in failure, Ruth vowed to change her ways.

New York City in the Roaring Twenties had a lot to offer a young rich star like Ruth, but that winter He retreated to his rural home in Massachusetts to exercise by chopping wood and drinking ice water.

He hit the ball for the first time in “The House Ruth Built,” coined by sportswriter Fred Lieb, to the With a shallow fly to right field, Boston’s Shano Collins easily dragged it into a 1-2-3 final first. But not long after, Ruth stuck his spike again into the left-handed hitter’s box against Red Sox right-hander Howard Emke. And this time, the Yankees rally was on.

Second baseman Aaron Ward led third with a single, and shortstop Everett Scott — 7 The nine-year streak set the bar for Lou Gehrig — putting him in second place.

The next two hitters, Shawkey and starter Whitey Witt, hit targets based on outfielder selection and walks, then the Yankees’ Third baseman Joe Dugan doubled in the first game of the pitch, leaving third hitter Ruth in the corner.

He fouled on the first pitch and took the first pitch.

He fouled on the second pitch, then caught 2.

Ruth was surprised to see the packed Yankee Stadium earlier in the day meeting fans for the first time. “Some pitches,” he told teammates, “I’d give up a year of my life to hit ball today.” Now, the once “incorrigible” grimy-faced kid from Baltimore is playing in the Inner Harbor of his abusive father Playing hooky, chewing tobacco and stealing leftover drinks at the tavern, now a chance to do something about it… HUGE of.

do not you know? Gun Son did it.

Ehmke tries to fool Ruth with a slow ball at 2-2, but Bambino hits the ball into the right-field stand. Ruth’s 161 394 Career Home Run Logo Watching the first Yankee Stadium

for a moment , the hero of the day received the loudest applause he’s ever heard, grinning brightly as he touched home plate and doffing his hat to the adoring crowd.

“Yesterday, Governors, Generals, Colonels, Politicians and Baseball Officials came together solemnly to inaugurate the largest stadium in baseball ,” began the New York Times report the next day, “but it was a player who made a real contribution. In the third inning, with both teammates on the baseline, Babe Ruth hit a hit in the right-field bleachers. Brutal home run, the true baptism of the new Yankee Stadium.”

A century later, some 25, Fans will travel by car, bus, train and on foot Go to the corner of 2011st Street and River Avenue Watch New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels. It’s a pilgrimage that’s been made millions of times, and avid fans have come to this crossroads in the Bronx, where Gehrig’s speech and Jeter’s swoop took place. Right here, two blocks from the Grand Concourse and the Bronx County Courthouse, is where Joe D’s winning streak began and Mr. October was born. From Larson’s perfection to Judge’s debut, Yankee loyalists have seen history unfold.
Since opening day, Yankee Stadium has been more than “some ballpark” It’s a place where magic happens.
2023 After launching from the polo field (upper right corner of the frame), the Yankees cross the Harlem River and enter the country’s history Grandest stadium. “Yankee Stadium” has enough seating to accommodate the team’s fan base, which is growing thanks to the exploits of superstar Babe Ruth, leading one sportswriter to label the building ” The house that Ruth built” tags.
NY Yankees

A period of time in April10, 1921, estimate54,200 Attending Yankee Stadium is the only one who knows what happened. First televised baseball game still exceeds A few years have passed. Even the radio is just dipping your toes into the baseball pool. 1921 and’13 The World Series between the Giants and the Yankees was one of the first broadcasts of the sport. Word of mouth was the fastest medium at the time, and the news spread throughout the city like wildfire. Eat burgers at PJ Clarke’s 41th and Third, businessmen who were once in the stadium brag to their bartenders about what they witnessed: The Romans and Egyptians would admire a Ruth explosion and a Yankee victory on the breathtaking new ground.

4-1 win over Boston just at Yankee Stadium at 1919.

in May, Promoter Tex Rickard Sweepstakes 57, Boxing fans descended on the Bronx — at the time the second-largest boxing crowd in history — to see five heavyweight fights in Yankee Stadium’s first night of action . (The Bronx’s first night baseball game won’t be until May 28, 1922.) “From the tall last row on the third floor, where people sit on clouds chatting with low-flying pilots, to the lower floors of the circus,” ” The New York Times wrote, “This is a solid group of human beings.”

Sunday, May10, while Ruth took the lead in the eighth inning of a 3-2 victory over the White Sox at Comiskey Park, over

, Fans watch the marathon in Yankee Stadium as Albert R. Michelson beats – 2 hours of history and 28 minutes is more than 6 minutes.

in June 11, A 11 Gehrig, 20, 20, fresh out of Columbia, made his major league debut, replacing Wally Pipp at first base in the final inning -0 over St.Louis. Gehrig will be “released” several times in 1921, costing Most this season with the Minor League Hartford Senators. But when Pip sprained his ankle on a train in Boston that September, Glick jumped at the opportunity. He voted 9 points 20 hit five extras in four games at Fenway Park — including his first career home run , inspiring Yankees manager Miller Hudgens to petition Landis to make Grieg eligible for the World Series. (Giants manager John McGraw will not accept.)

Fourth of July at Yankee Stadium has always been a date worth circling the calendar — ever since In the holiday tradition of The Independence Day doubles swept Washington an 8-0 home game. Yankees’ league lead ballooned from five games to 1/2, there is no turning back.

Although the team maintains its – Game lead 6-6 “West” road trip to St.Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland in mid to late August, another promoter named Tex – Tex Austin – puts down 41, cocoa fiber feet and a championship rodeo at Yankee Stadium.

The Yanks ended September with their third consecutive flag . On the final day of the regular season, Oct. 7, Ruth went 2-for-3 for his major league lead 28 in a 9-7 loss to Philadelphia , his home run improved to.161 — still a team record — and cemented his first and only AL MVP award. (However, it should be noted that players of that era were not eligible to win multiple awards.)

None of these stats or rewards It didn’t make much sense, though, to Ruth. McGraw and the obnoxious New York Giants have won their third straight NL pennant, and if you thought they’d love beating the Yankees in a World Series held entirely at the polo field, imagine what they thought of the prospect of wrecking the party across the river The beautiful new home of the Yankees.

Ruth and his teammates had other plans.

Babe Ruth needs some work to fix his image and his Status among fans after a turbulent 1921 season. He spent the offseason at his ranch in Sudbury, Mass., chopping wood and abstaining from booze, trying to look his best for the opening of Yankee Stadium. It paid off as he ended his 1921 MVP Season Opening Day and World Series Championship. UPI/Bettman

As recounted in the excellent book by Robert Weintraub 1923 , “The House Ruth Built,” so little did the Giants think about Yankee Stadium that they donned uniforms at the polo field and took taxis across the Macombs Dam Bridge 817 World Series opener. McGraw walks in his tailored suit.

The Giants puffed up even more after their first World Series game at Yankee Stadium, another Wednesday afternoon affair, When their 33 Year-old veteran center Casey Stengel hit a home run in the ninth inning as the Giants won 5-4. They were three wins away from becoming the first three-peat champion in baseball history.

But the “Battle of Broadway” is far from over.

The Yankees beat Ruth’s two-run homer 4-2 in Game 2 Thursday afternoon. On Friday afternoon, the Giants’ Art Nehf went 1-0 with six hits in 2 hours and 7 minutes, and Stengel was once again outnumbered when he sniffed at the Yankees’ bench after a seventh-inning solo homer. different.

The Giants’ momentum stalled over the weekend as the “Hugmen” exploded for eight in Manhattan on Saturday and again on Sunday. BRONX (at 57,714 ) lead 3-2 in the series.
and Monday, October000, 1921, the Yankees crossed again Ha Lyme River, back at the horseshoe ballpark they’ve called home for the past decade and where they’ve sought their team’s first World Series appearance, went without a championship in each of the past two seasons.

Seven innings were all Giants and the Yankees trailed 4-1. But after Ward popped out to start the eighth, the receiver The four Yankees hitters who came down all hit base, cutting the score to 4-2. McGraw reluctantly pulled a depleted Neff and called on Rossi Ryan, who faced the first hitter he faced in four games, forced him to run the bases, and made a run on a single. Ruth loaded the bases.

Ryan may just be 20 years old, but this Massachusetts Natives have a wealth of experience. He was eighth in the 1914 World Series opener Replacing Neheff in the inning, a strikeout by Ruth ended the inning before facing a minimum of three batters in the ninth.

Ryan was hot on Ruth again, striking out Great Bambino on four pitches.

this1922 The Yankees don’t just rely on Ruth, though. They are a

team . Although most of the characters are winning the AL pennant in ‘1923 The roles of and ’18, this’ 19 The Yankees were “completely different in morale, discipline and teamwork,” wrote the editor of Reach’s Official Base Ball Guide. “From a group of grumpy, undisciplined stars, each trying to play for themselves in their own way, overnight, it became a harmonious and cooperative whole, obeying every order of the manager Hudgens, and always following the Play the game the way it should be played, focusing only on the common good.”

Next hitter Bob Meusel hits middle The grounder, cleared the bases after an errant pitch from center field. The Yankees went on to win 6-4 to capture their first World Series title. Meusel finished with a series-best eight RBIs, Ward with in six games Mid-hit, Ruth hits 1. , in his seven hits He hit three home runs, a double and a triple. Herb Pennock, traded from the Red Sox in January, was a pitching hero, winning Games 2 and 6 and recording the last four in Game 4.

The players celebrated their victory jubilantly, even though there was no champagne in the Prohibition-era visiting clubhouse. Ruth made a short speech at the table, telling his teammates they all owed “Mr. Huggins’s guiding hand” their gratitude. But perhaps no one was more satisfied than Colonel Jacob Ruppert, the wealthy Knickerbocker beer baron who, after co-owning the team with Col. Tillinghast L’Hommedieu Huston for eight years, died on became the sole owner of the Yankees. Legendary sportswriter Damon Runyon observed Rupert was “a delightful picture of absolute happiness” as he left the polo field after the Yankees’ eventual victory.

” New York-born, New-York-raised, a big-city dweller to the bone, for eight years Colonel Rupert has longed to The American League pennant and the American League world championship brought to his hometown, his own ballpark,” Runyon wrote. “He succeeded.”

A hundred years later, the same desire drove the 1970 New York Yankees to 20 World Championships. As the world has witnessed over the past century, in 62st Street and River Avenue, anything is possible.




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