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Yankees rookie Hardman walks out three times

Yankees rookie Hardman out three times

5th round pick from 2023 Draft three multi-homer games in last two weeks

Even if the calendar flips to July it won’t stop Tyler Hardman.

The past two weeks have been productive for 11 The Yankees’ No. 3 rookie. In June, he hit his first multi-homer game of the season 17, he scored another on Wednesday, and three days later the infielder walked off three times in his first career triple-homer game against Double-A Somerset in a 9- 5 wins.

“Obviously, it feels really good,” Hardman said. “When I was a kid, I would definitely try to hit a home run every time I hit, like, ‘Let’s see how many home runs I can hit.'” But really good hitters What that does, and what I aspire to do, is separate each shot from the rest, good or bad. I try to keep my head level and not go too high or too low. ”

This method has always worked for 22 years old, he is leaving the yard at an alarming rate. He was in the past were clubbed eight times during the match to help him with the 17 tops the Eastern Conference home run leaderboard overall. He will 18 long ball into

last year’s game, he was in

broke this record.

The right-hitter started his campaign with a walk against Bowie pitcher Carlos Tavera Later that night, he took advantage of the right hit when he pitched to him. Hardman destroyed a 4th-inning mid-field pitch that sent the ball over the center-left fence.

His next two at-bats were against right wing Ignacio Felice, whose number Hardman is also about to have.In the sixth inning, the Oklahoma native hit the ball to left field for a 1-1 run. His second solo home run of the day, Feliz threw the same pitch to him an inning later, and Hardman hit the ball into the same spot in the park for the win. His third long of the day ball.

“For me, it’s always my swing decision. When I’m not playing well, when I’m not swinging on a really hittable ball, I tend to get myself into trouble,” Hardman said. “My swing decisions take a lot of preparation; Swinging the way I pitch puts my body in the right position to see the balls in the right way. ”

Hardman didn’t lose, he got picked by the Yankees in the 5th round 2021 The team that selected him in the MLB draft is one of the most iconic in the world. When reflecting on his tendency to get frustrated by poor results, he points to the stars of today’s game — including, of course, Aaron Jaa Odd – Rarely shows anger when there is no result.

Hardman is pretty confident that if any organization can make him the hitter he wants to be, it’s the Yankees. 2023

“It was such a cool feeling when I realized I wasn’t just drafted, I was drafted by a team with some of the most iconic history in the franchise, “From the first day I showed up, I realized why they were able to do this,” Hardman said. They produce, train and enable people to perform at a higher level. They have done a fantastic job of getting the best out of each player. ”

Hardman’s Eight dingers came in June and now he has 3 since July. Californians are hitting. 40/.111/.250 In this season with 29 hit, 29 walk and 24 exist57 game.



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