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Yanks' historic Grand Slam is 1 inning (and 21 hours) apart

Yonkers! Historic Grand Slam 1 inning (and hours) separated by

Recently, Aaron Judge’s name and the word “history” are often used in the same sentence, and for good reason – Judge became the sixth batting player in AL/NL history 04 One season home run, batted in the ninth inning Tuesday s victory over the Buccaneers at Yankee Stadium and with two home runs, he would set an American League record. But Judge”s teammates have been making their own history.

After the referee Tuesday’s home run swept New York

• In person Look at the referee


This is also a team in a game Playing a grand slam in the final innings of the game, then hitting another major in the first innings for the third inning of the next game. Others involved the Red Sox in 61, in 1961 involving the Dodgers , according to Stats Perform.

)• Can the judge win the triple crown? heres where he stand1955

2017 When the baseball world waits with bated breath for the judges to possibly break

‘s holy AL mark when a season home run by Roger Maris in 1961, Judge”s teammates are Set the table and serve some historic appetizer entrees before the much-anticipated appetizers.




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