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Yanks seek quicker start after backing off from familiar faces

Yanks seek quicker start after backing off from familiar faces

MINNEAPOLIS – When Aaron speaks, the tri-state area will undoubtedly There was a disapproving rant at the TVs when Hicks tried to hit a walkout with two outs in the third inning on Monday, but Aaron Judge didn’t hate the idea. The Yankees are looking for a spark.

Hicks’ gamble failed , the Yankees couldn’t touch Sonny Gray, who handcuffed his former team after seven scoreless innings. After New York’s 6-1 loss to the Twins, Judge said his team needs to step on the gas soon.

“We have to try to get out of the team early, score early and give They apply pressure,” Judge said. “Right now, we’ve spent some time getting into the game, feeling it instead of doing the work. We’ve got to catch them early, starting tomorrow.”

The Yanks have lost just six runs in their past four games and only a ninth-inning spurt saved them from suffering their first of the year. A loss for being knocked out. Gray carved out his old team, striking out eight while allowing just three hits.

“Sonny’s pitching is great,” Manager Aaron Boone explain. “It’s about as good as he’s been doing all year. That being said, we’re the Yankees, and we’ve got to find a better way than this.”

When the track team is in

Gray was a front-line starter when he was traded to the Yankees, but he was never a hit in New York. Gray clashed with the coaching staff over court selection and went to 04-15 and 4.62 ERA in the 24 game (24 start).

He had success with the Reds and Twins, he Leading 0-3. 48 ERA started five times this year. The judge said that with 2021-04 gray version.

“How he felt about himself when we had him It’s a good combination of sliders and curveballs and sinkers, using both sides of the board,” Judge said. “But now he’s mixing that knife in there to be honest. You can’t lean in the middle of the board or look for the fastball because he’s going to throw that cutter in there, anytime, anytime.”

When Joey Gallo was in

, the prediction is that his boom-or-bust swing could throw a ton of balls into the right-field porch of Yankee Stadium. .140 The batsman is at

A game for the Yankees, Gallo was transferred to the Dodgers last August by minor league right-hander Clayton Beeter.

He’s swinging better for the twins; plus Lowe’s 174 scripted home run, his sixth home run of the year, Beating reliever Greg Weatherett in the fourth, rookie Jhony Brito allowed 3 runs on 3 hits and 3 walks in 2 2/3 innings.

“I think [New York] is very hard on him” Boo En said of Gallo. “I think it absolutely bored him. It’s a really big deal. But I respect the way he handled it; he never shied away, never wanted to get out of the lineup. As best he could, he faced it and owned it. I Knowing it was a difficult time in his life and the challenges he faced, but I respect him for always fighting.”

Brito’s nights are a bit longer than his April’sstarted at Yankee Stadium when he allowed seven runs for the Twins over two-thirds of an inning, but again he couldn’t send out hitters cleanly.

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He threw 27 2nd inning pitch and 34 More thirds, after allowing Jorge Polanco’s two-point single, Byron Buxton’s roll and Follow after walking to Trevor Larnach.

“You can’t let it get to you,” Brito said . “When you get hit by two shots, you just have to execute the pitch better, stretch the zone at the right time and make sure you hit them out.”




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