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Yanmar's Miru Original Anime Project Releases Concept Video

Machinery manufacturer

Yanmar Holdings played for its original video The concept video animation project (To Envision) debuted at Yanmar’s exhibition on July 1st, along with the main robot’s giant Statue of Mech at Comic Expo .


on July 3rd

At the Anime Expo branch, the staff discussed the development of the production. The staff deliberately separated the main

mech design from the existing hero robot design style. When asked if the story would have a villain, the staff said that not only may the story not have a villain, but it may also not have a traditional hero or conflict.

The team already has members from Japan and the United States, and they are considering more collaborators, not only from these countries, but also from Europe. They clarified that the production has not yet reached the stage of announcing its release format or medium.


This project features a robot designed by the company’s designers, as well as a story script by) Shigeru Morita (, , ) from Nue Studios . design firm btrax has been credited for its assistance with the project. (Artist YKBX drew the above visuals.) Yanmar thanks to Yanmar Holdings Inc. Brand Department Design Office is responsible for the design of the robot, and Yū Iguchi as concept artist.

This project will be held at

Anime Expo

from July 1st to July 4th in the South Hall lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center. The exhibit features statues of the main robots, key visuals, and the aforementioned animated concept film (YKBX credited as the director of the concept film, cubesato for the sound design). Yanmar Chief Commercial Officer Akihiro Nagaya, design firm btrax CEO Brandon K. Hill and artist YKBX appeared at the panel at Anime Expo .


Anime Expo area




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