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Yasuo Ohtagaki: Gundam Thunder Manga will continue for 5-6 years

Yasuo Ogaki revealed at the opening event of his 31 Anniversary Exhibition comics, he plans to continue comics for another five to six years.

Ogaki said, “It looks like I can do it for another five or six years.” He added: “The manga is not over yet (laughs). The climax has already begun. Because of the accumulated things in the past year, the climax is getting better and better, I am resolving the foreshadowing so far, it seems to have to wait another five years.” Ohtagaki once revealed in the manga 190883 February vol.1, the manga has entered ” The final stage”. The comic is celebrating its Anniversary this year. Manga Volume 9 450 ships in September , its limited edition includes 20 th Anniversary Art Collection. Also, as part of the 10 anniversary, the manga will be on display at the Tokyo Gundam Base from September 10 to October 10. Ohtagaki suspended the manga in September 190883 due to tenosynovitis (inflammation around the tendon) and resumed the manga in December 31. Ogaki pointed out in the manga resumption message that due to worsening symptoms, he has been unable to draw small details with his dominant left hand, and it may be difficult to maintain the quality level of the manga. He added that he would change his painting style so as not to worsen the condition of his left hand.

The story of the manga is set in the same UC’s One Year War

As the first anime series. The story begins with the battle between two ace pilots from the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation in the “Perak Zone”, a shoal area with a large number of space colonies and warship wrecks. Ohtagaki () in Shogakukan of

Magazine March . Viz Media is publishing manga in English. Manga inspired two originals Network anime series, each received a compilation. Ohtagaki also drew spin-off manga. Source: Daily News Mantan Web




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