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Years later, the long-awaited return of the Whitney Museum's Art Party

Ashley Graham Mike Vitelli/

Last night, the Whitney Art Party returned after a two-year hiatus. Friends from the fashion and art worlds wear their finest astrology-inspired attire, and guests are dress coded to wear their zodiac signs. From intricately flowing headpieces to David Bowie starboy makeup, and dreamy shimmering fabrics, Partygoers come up with everything heavenly themes.

Of course, the gala was not just an ordinary night at the museum. While the gala’s true purpose was to be a high-minded fundraiser, partygoers enjoyed an otherworldly night of revelry. Art Party co-chairs include Edward Barsamian, along with Steven Beltrani, Karen Elson, Micaela Erlanger, Ashley Graham, Rebecca Hall, Rachel Rossin and Morgan Spector. Guests enjoyed signature cocktails and their eyes were immediately drawn to the giant metal chandelier that swirled in the center of the dance floor.

The bloggers upstairs appreciated the get off work After the gallery space, explore Edward Hopper’s New York and no existe un mundo poshuracán : Art of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria with their friends and dates for the evening. It seems that every time there is a new surprise. At the Crown, artist Devin Kenny designed unique temporary tattoos that attendees admired throughout the night. The party continues in the elevator, with a specialty bar serving drinks aptly named Shooting Star and offering astrology readings for guests on their journey from one floor to the next. The festivities continued well into the night, with attendees dancing to lively DJ sets from Questlove and The Muses.



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