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Yeezy Spring/Summer 2023 Ready-to-Wear

“To be considered such a controversial figure is very Interesting. Because all I did was prepare a piece for the audience,” said Mr Yeh on the eve of a show, and when it came to it, it turned out to be very controversial.

There are his “White Lives Matter” t-shirts, one of which he wears with Candace Owens – these are sure to spark huge controversy. Then there’s his professional boxer challenging the biggest heavyweights in Paris’ luxury elite: “I want to make it clear to you that Bernard Arnault is my new Drake.” After the show, Cathy Horyn asked him if he would make a deal with Arnault, Ye said, “No, absolutely not. Well, why am I doing a deal? I run culture!” Inside the house Alexandre Arnault keeps a poker face. After I (hey, haven’t slept since London Fashion Week) asked if this would bring conflict to Demna, Ye of course pointed out that Balenciaga is a Kering brand, adding: “With Pinault, it’s family. Yes. Got Arnault…my man was taken away. Yeezy 1 has more views than Chanel after my first series ;s I met with Bernard and he offered me a deal on the Kanye West line. Three months later he cancelled the deal. “



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