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Yelich ends HR shortage before Brewers leaves

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5:48AM UTC
MILWAUKEE — Christian Yelich’s 0-for-26 slump and the longest power drought of his five seasons with the Brewers ended with a big swing, But it takes an extra inning (and a small ball) to beat the mighty Dodgers.

Yelich hits 451-footer in fifth inning, Victor Caratini hits 11th A two-run single in the second half of the inning gave the Brewers a 5-4 win at American Home Field on Tuesday night. Milwaukee’s fifth overtime in the past 11 games. Nothing is easy for the Brewers these days, not after a recent dip saw them finish No. 2 in the National League Central, and not now in 10 of 13 games against division leaders St. Louis and Los Angeles. For a while.

“In our season, in order to be able to win as many wins as possible, it’s a big challenges,” Yelich said. “[The Dodgers] are obviously a great team, so if you beat them, you win. These guys aren’t going to have any gimmicks, so we have to do a lot of things right.”
On Tuesday, Willie Adames also played for the Brewers, who won a game in the NL wild-card contest — they were in One game behind the Padres in the final playoff spot — and still two games behind the Cardinals in the NL Central.

“I mean, it’s going to give us a quick idea of ​​where we are as a team,” the Brewers said. Starter Brandon Woodruff said during the game against the Dodgers. “Great team. But we’re also a great team and we’ll fight.”
Brewers game Including Yelich’s first homer at this field since May 5 and his first anywhere since July 2 in Pittsburgh. A 142-run home run ensued, with 26 no-hitters in parts of eight games before Yelich’s fifth inning on Tuesday against Dodgers rookie right-hander Ryan Pepiot The ball is the upper limit.
this guy,” Yelich said. “Come on.”

“It’s like, ‘Man, they just don’t want us to win,'” Woodruff said , he is another retainer of 18 years.

Right fielder Hunter Renfroe said: “It was like a weight was taken off them and we were hit with a rock Broken.”

Unlike that game, this one didn’t disappoint the Brewers, which was Thanks in large part to Renfroe. Justin Turner’s single on Brent Suter gave Los Angeles a one-point lead in the 11th inning before the Brewers bounced back. Renfroe led the game against the closer Craig Kimbrel with the rarest game in baseball in recent memory — the bunt — and arrived safely with his first career short batting. Luis Urías made a solo walk to load the bases for Caratini’s soft single to right midfield, which hung long enough for Renfro Renfroe scored behind Andrew McCutchen for the win.

“It might be a bit of a gamble,” Renfroe said of his early break.

He knew the Dodgers had an infield, so the second baseman had no chance. Right fielder Mookie Betts had a great arm, but Renfroe persevered.

“I’m playing aggressive baseball,” he said. “I’m going to end the game one way or another. Hopefully it comes down, it comes down, and we win.”

As for the bunt: did it come off the bench or did Renfro play it himself?

“That’s how Hunter feels about pitchers,” Brewers manager Craig Consell said.

“Hunter did a great job and took the whole stadium by surprise,” Yelich said.

Caratini said it surprised even the Brewers players.

“Yes, everyone,” he said.
“It’s one of those things I don’t do very often because I think I can hit the ball well,” Len Flo said. “But tonight, I know we don’t have a lot of hits; we need a game to end the ball game and give it back to our bullpen. I try to do the best I can with what the game gives me.”
The team will play another game on Wednesday night.

“They’re a tough team to beat,” Yelich said. “We had a great game tonight and you have to play like this to beat them.”



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