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'Yellow Jackets': Melanie Lynskey and Warren Kole on a Fragile Marriage in Season 2

[This story contains spoilers for Yellowjackets Season 2, Episode 3, “DIGESTIF.” ]

Yellowjackets When Jeff (Warren Kole) asks Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) a question he doesn’t want an answer to arrive.

“How the hell did the van get back?”

The third episode of the hit Showtime series follows up several stories past time Adult character thread after the shocking cannibal feast on the axis. That moment, seeing the crash survivors eating their dead teammate Jackie, hoping to spend a bleak winter in the wilderness, was one of many sources of trauma Adult characters are seen living with them in the show’s modern timeline, not the least of which is an adult Shauna.

Season 2 episode “DIGESTIF” (Needing Help Digesting a Large Meal) was written by Rich Monahan, Sarah L. Thompson and Ameni Rozsa and directed by Jeffrey W. Burr Germany. As time catches up to an adult Shawna, her subtly repressed trauma surfaces.

First, she encounters a carjacker who tries to steal the family’s minivan at gunpoint, much to the horror of her husband, Jeff. But just as she finds the car to retrieve it, the vision of her youth reappears.

When she pointed a gun at the man who owned her car, she told him her hands were shaking because she wanted it so badly Shoot him. “Have you ever skinned a human corpse?” she asked. “It’s not as easy as you think. It’s really sticking to us, skin. You have to roll back only the edges of it so you can get a good enough grip to actually pull. It’s not easy again. You kill People are always sweating profusely. Like, greasy. There’s a look people have when they realize they’re going to die. That’s it.”

Melanie Lynskey as Shauna in YELLOWJACKETS

Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) in “DIGESTIF” Kelly Schwarman/SHOWTIME

This scene is chilling, because now the audience has seen what Shauna and her team are capable of surviving in the wilderness, so it hits differently. But even more chilling is how quickly she wipes it off with one of Shawna’s trademark eccentric shrugs when Jeff later asks her how she got the minivan back. Jeff’s questions are still rhetorical, and the audience can only assume that Jeff believes everything Shauna says (verbal or body language) and accepts her as such.

“They’re in this weird position where she finally realizes that he does love her unconditionally,” Lynskey told The Hollywood Reporter Her curious yellow jacket marriage. “The fact that he reads the diary and he knows it all, I think it shocked her, ‘Wait, can someone know everything about me and still love me?'”

Season 1 reveals that Jeff read Shawna’s diary from back in the wilderness, and now seeing what happened to Jackie’s Feast underscores just how big a deal it was. Especially Shauna and Jeff’s teenage romance behind Jackie is the main source of the

brewing ending fight Incite Jackie to sleep in the cold and freeze to death overnight.

“Shauna is the girl for him, he can’t resist her,” Kole explains to THR what drives Jeff to be so unconditional . “She was absolutely irresistible. He was madly in love with her. He was loyal to this woman until his death. They were partners in crime from the beginning. It was when she returned that they shared a sense of guilt. When they were in While at Jackie’s house on this annual birthday in season one — their annual self-flagellation for their sins, and maybe Jackie’s death — there’s something in common. He knows how wonderful she is; he knows he’s lucky. It lets him know she’s his wife. So he’ll take those journals.”

Shauna (Lynskey) and Jeff (Warren Kole) after their minivan was stolen Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME
(L-R): Melanie Lynskey as Shauna and Warren Kole as Jeff Sadecki in YELLOWJACKETS

But Shauna and Jeff do things differently. As Lynskey puts it, “Shauna was far behind in processing. Things happened to her, and she filed them away for later.” Meanwhile, Jeff was only beginning to scratch the surface of Shauna’s trauma, which still lingers today Many years after the plane crash. She has filed her affair with Adam (Peter Gadiot) and murder*), which is why she pushed her away when her husband tried to get her involved.

“I think there was a moment at the end of last season where she started to feel what it meant to understand that he did know all of this [by reading the journals] and she was like, ‘I can’t yet Feeling all of that,'” Lynskey said. “She’s just trying to work it out, and then he’s like, ‘But wait, I have some questions about this.’ It’s kind of like, ‘Oh, God. You have a moment, and then I’m still apologizing and apologizing for Feeling guilty and lame about it. But he’s trying to take in more information about how scary and dangerous she is. She also has a newfound respect for him because he’s done some crazy stuff and she realizes he’s not that boring , it’s funny. So, they really know each other.”

Despite her guilt over what happened to Adam, the fact that she and Jeff had this big secret that brought her Back to her youth in the wilderness – a place that has stunted many adult survivors who struggle to stay alive as teenagers in the wild.

“She has a lot of guilt about killing Adam. But there’s also something about risk and almost getting caught, and all the craziness that gets her so intoxicated, she’s like, ‘Oh wait, this is me. All of a sudden, I rediscover myself. I look in the mirror and I think, there she is,'” Lynskey said of her younger self, who was (L-R): Melanie Lynskey as Shauna and Warren Kole as Jeff Sadecki in YELLOWJACKETS by Sophie Nélisse at 1296 plays the timeline . “So, Shauna was just pushing it, she was pushing the boundaries. It was funny that it ended at the end of the season. It kind of strayed from that because so many other things happened, but she was definitely pushing it for a while.”

1235364246 Jeff (Cole) at The third episode of season two is here, and he helps Shawna cover up Adam’s murder survivors in season one after Adam is revealed to be the one who blackmailed the Yellow Shirts.

Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME (L-R): Melanie Lynskey as Shauna and Warren Kole as Jeff Sadecki in YELLOWJACKETS

in spite of How far she pushes it, Kole said Jeff (who is now an accessory to the Adam’s murder) Almost a smooth ride.

“He’s not the most complicated guy, but he’s been asked to deal with a very complex situation emotionally and intellectually,” Cole said when local police began investigating Adam’s murder. explain. “So he might regress a little bit and become a less mature version of himself, throwing temper tantrums once in a while. But I like to think his behavior is loud because he’s not running away; he’s trying, damn it! For better or for worse.”

Then he jokes about where their minivan will turn in season two: “As Shauna continues to regroup into this form of expression he’s only read in these diaries about Herself—the wilder, darker impulsive Shawna—he’s upbeat, but vulnerable. As it continues to descend into a very dark, violent place, he’s really being tested.”

Yellowjackets releases new episodes weekly on Fridays for Showtime subscribers and on cable Sundays at 9pm Keep upTHR‘s Yellowjackets Season 2 reports and interviews.



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