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'Yellowjackets' non-binary star Liv Hewson decides not to enter Emmys: 'My problem is so structured'

non-binary actor Liv Hewson, who plays teen Vanessa “Van in Yellowjackets ” Palmer , is openly talking about why they are still hesitant to attend this year’s Emmys after seeing two non-binary actors won a Tony Award.

In early June, J. Harrison Ghee and Alex Newell became the first non-binary actors to be publicly awarded at an awards ceremony recognizing excellence in live Broadway theater. Ghee won a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his performance in Some Like It Hot . Newell won Best Actor in a Musical for his role in Shucked.

“It’s unbelievable to see and hear non-binary people talking about themselves loudly, clearly and proudly on a stage like this,” Hewson told Teen Vogue an interview published online Wednesday. “I loved it, I gave it my all.”

But, even after hearing their emotional acceptance speeches, Hewson insisted they go from

was in contention for an Emmy despite being eligible for a role in the hit Showtime series. “My problems are structural and I think it would be disingenuous of me to try to work within the system,” they explained.

Hewson begins to break down Their thought process of it all said, “Best-case scenario, professionally, I assume I’m going to be nominated for an Emmy, which would be an honor. Then best-case scenario, I’m assuming I’m going to win. Then I’ll go home with a trophy that says “Actress”. I don’t want that.”

This Dramaworld The star also notes that even if they do win and have the opportunity to “talk about the non-duality of the trophy in my hands, hypothetically, the dynamics at play are still There’s a category for men and a category for women.” They explained that they didn’t want to be on stage for the “Best Female Award.”

“It confuses me that acting is the only category broken down by gender,” Hewson added. “We take for granted the way the world should work, but there are gender-neutral awards in every category except this one. There are a lot of rituals that simply don’t exist, so it’s definitely possible. There’s a job that’s about men and Female, and the others aren’t, isn’t it kind of weird?”

Hewson joins several other actors, including Emma Colin ( Emma Corrin and Bella Ramsey have been open about wanting to win gender-neutral acting awards.

Although the Emmys have not decided to make any changes to their categories, any nominee or winner in the Actor/Actress category can request a more unisex title “Performers” will be shown on their nomination certificates and Emmy figurines.

As for other organizations, Independent Spirit Awards , Grammy Awards, Columbia The Tam Awards, British Independent Film Awards and MTV Movie Awards have all adopted gender-neutral categories. 1235203824



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