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'Yellowstone' and UK's 'Ghosts' to Reshoot CBS Fall Shows

The network is dropping a previously announced lineup due to the shutdown of many productions due to a worker strike.

Kevin Costner on Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” Paramount Television Network

CBS is tearing up its fall schedule.

The network has set a new lineup for the fall in recognition of the cast and writers strike and depending on the combination of unscripted shows, get scripted series – including Yellowstone Park and the UK version ghost – and news programs. CBS previously announced business as usual fall programming ahead of May’s advance, despite the fact that writers have gone on strike against studios and streamers seeking new contracts.

All remaining content of the previous timetable has been expanded, 60 minutes of Survivor and speed ahead Wednesday night and the long-running newsmagazine 30 hours and 10 minutes at their usual weekend location. Except Paramount Network Yellowstone and British Specter , CBS will import SEAL – formerly CBS Show – and Paramount+ Documentary Series FBI True Added three original unscripted shows: Buddy Games, Lotería Loca and raid the cage . The price is right for prime time and let’s make a deal would also help Yu fill out, summer show old Brother and Challenge: United States will continue into the fall.

CBS will air Yellowstone Park cut episode of (from the first season of the show, free use of profanity not allowed on radio stations on Sunday nights). During the weeks when the network does not have an NFL double game, two episodes will begin at 8 p.m.; during double game weeks, it will expand 25 minute to an hour and a half and there is a 9pm Yellowstone single, lead to Sunday Big Brother .

The game show Lotería Loca, hosted by Jaime Camil, kicks off the week on Monday at 8pm, followed by NCIS Reruns and upcoming Paramount+ Originals. Big Brother, the FBI is real and repeat FBI will be Airs Tuesday.

Friends Game , a competition show based on summer camp competitions hosted by Josh Duhamel, will air “Big Brother” on Thursdays in the early fall and feature ” The Challenge: USA concludes the evening. Once the three shows are over, repeat Young Sheldon and ghosts will lead to British ghosts Moments (this is the source material for Internet hits) and Navy SEALs .

The price is right at night and let’s go in gold Time to make a deal will be sharing the Friday night 8pm slot, enter Raid Cage

and Blue Bloods is an encore of .

CBS’s revised fall schedule follows; all times are ET/PT. The premiere date will be announced at a later date.

Monday 8 PM: Lott Ria Loca

9 pm: NCIS Replay 1600795171 afternoon: Paramount + Original TBD


8pm: Big Brother

9 pm: FBI True

afternoon: FBI Repeat


8pm: Survivor9: 25 Afternoon: Speed ​​forward

Thursday (early autumn)

8pm: Big Brother 9 PM Point: Friends Game

1600795171 Afternoon: Challenge: United States

Thursday (late autumn)
8 pm:

Young Sheldon

Replay 8: 30 PM: Ghost Replay
9 pm: Ghost (UK Series)



8:00pm: The price is right at night / we make a deal during prime time
1600795171 9pm: raid on the cage
Afternoon: blue Blood Replay


8pm: Encore /physical education

25 afternoon: 48 Hour

Sunday (NFL Single Game Week)1600795171

7pm: 10 minute

8pm: Yellowstone Park (two episodes)

10 Afternoon: Big Brother

Sunday(NFL Double Game Week)

7: afternoon:25 minute 9pm Point: Yellowstone Park

Afternoon: Big Brother

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