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'Yellowstone' duo Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille unlock season 5 premiere finale

[This story contains Yellowstone Season 5 premiere of two episodes Spoiler for .”]

One last time Yellowstone

) Viewers see Kayce Dutton, who has a dire warning for his wife, Monica. “I see the end of us,” he said after three days of visual exploration. Nearly a year The audience has been holding on to these words, expecting that his prophecy might come true with the return of Tyler Sheridan hits Paramount Network New Western Family Saga.

Season 5 premiering two episodes, in order to catch up with the Dutton family, ask Patriarch John Dutton ( Kevin Costner ) was sworn in as Governor of Montana, winning daughter Beth (Yellowstone Kelly Reilly ) was promoted to his chief of staff, hated son Jamie (Yellowstone Wes Bentley ) After murdering his biological father, his ending promises to join Governor Dutton’s bandwagon in hopes of regaining his family’s favor.

However, the first hour ends with Tragedy ends when Monica (Kelsey Asbil) is born prematurely and gets into a car accident while driving to the hospital; she and her son Tate (Bracken Merrill) survive the crash, but the audience It was told in the final moments of the premiere that the baby named after John did not survive. The premiere ended with the youngest Dutton son Kayce (Yellowstone Luke Grimes ) ended up holding his wife Monica in a hospital bed.

“It’s such a tragic loss, you really see Monica at her rock bottom,” Aspen Beeler talks about how Monica will be grieving the loss of her second son, with The Hollywood Reporter in a joint interview with Grimes. “Throughout the show, she I just want to be a good mother and a good wife. Also a good person for her community. It really shook her faith.

But, she said, “there was a very defining moment when she did choose life, she chose healing. ”


)Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille) provided by Paramount Network

Case’s journey and Monica, who has seen quite a bit of tragedy in the Sheridan-created series, will actually strengthen the Dutton pair as the season progresses. “They’ve chosen to lean on each other; they’re dealing with shared pain together,” Grimes shared that Asbille noted that indigenous culture will play a big role in the grieving process, including the upcoming funeral — planned with the help of co-star Mo Brings Plenty — which she said was an important part of Monica and Keyes’ healing Component. Unlike the trauma of previous seasons that nearly separated the couple, Grimes said the tragedy reinforced their strength — and that’s not what Casey’s vision was referring to.

“There was a scene between us [in episode two] where Monica asked Case if that was what he meant [he said no],” Grimes told THR The ominous ‘our end’ warning, which came to Kayce during an Aboriginal ceremony, where he was quarantined in the mountains for four days and nights without food or water, Hope to find spiritual answers. When Grimes filmed the finale and shared the visuals, the actor didn’t fully understand what Kayce meant. But just when he finally got the answer, audiences will start to see more as Season 5 unfolds Get the message.

I was like, “Hey man, I know you don’t want me to know how this story ends, that’s fine, I like it this way, but please tell me what to say. “He gave me enough knowledge of how to play the line, but didn’t give me anything,” the actor shared. “But throughout the fifth season, you start to understand what that means, especially what Keyes sees, and then they plan to do it in a way that makes sense to them.”

He continued, “I think what we gleaned from that visionary quest is that when the woman said, ‘Here are two paths, you have to choose one,’ and Case just said, ‘ Oh god’ – that’s the ‘oh my gosh’ line – you realize there are no good options here. Obviously, he knows what the options are. Those will become clearer as the season goes on.”

Given the land politics in the upcoming season, Keys’ warning will certainly apply on a larger scale, with the metaphorical “we” referring to of the Dutton family or the entire state of Montana. John gets governorship to preserve his family’s ranch with a view to returning Montana to the state and its people, protecting living with and of farmers and ranchers land instead of it. “We are not a New York novelty or a California toy,” he warned the billionaire land builder who has become this season’s new foe, a move that could “set the country back” 11 years,” Jamie warned Say.

While Grimes and Asbille tease that Season 5 will be so vast and expansive, it could be the beginning of this end Yellowstone, Kayce and Monica fans will hopefully stick with it. “I think she’s starting to understand her place in the family and her legacy,” Asbil said of Monica’s hesitant role in the Dutton family.

“This season really kicks off where the show might go, what might go wrong, and what they’re going to have to do to deal with it,” added Grimes Dow, the Dutton family’s evolving battle in the series, currently ranks as the most popular show on TV and spawned the entire Sheridan creation universe , including Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren 1235261095 Prequel681.

“I think we’re nearing the end,” Asbille responded to the series as it 1000 Emmy Awards 1235114045 left out and became the source of the so-called “Red State Show” — A label Sheridan strongly refuted . “All of Taylor’s work is infused with the Western genre, which he really uses to talk about important The problem. This approach is very subversive. Whether it’s land politics or Indigenous issues, I think that’s also a beauty of Yellowstone . ”


John (Kevin Costner), Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) at the Season 5 premiere. by Pyla Provided by Mongolia Network

Yellowstone Season 5 Two Episodes ) Begins in the U.S. Airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Paramount Network, with episodes or full seasons available for purchase Yellowstone On select streaming devices . (The series was not released on Paramount+; previous seasons aired on Peacock.)



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