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Yen Press Hires 4 New Editorial Assistants

image By Yen Press

Yen Press

Courtesy announces that it is recruiting four editorial assistants.

Full time position will pay US$,-USD$40,000 Per year. Required skills include JLPT Level 3 or higher; computer skills, including MS Word, Excel, Adobe Suit, and databases; time management skills; and knowledge of and interest in manga and light novels; among other skills. A bachelor’s degree in English is preferred.

Duties and responsibilities will include entering editorial and copyright changes into InDesign files, writing and correcting back covers and table of contents copies, facilitating editorial approval of manuscripts, coordinating delivery of materials, and coordinating with licensors and Administrative duties, among other tasks.

This job will require the employee to commute to New York, NY or plan to relocate prior to commencing.

Full job details and application information can be found on the Indeed website. Applications must include a resume and cover letter.


Employers, if you would like Anime News Network to publish your job opening, please email the newsroom with a detailed description of the job opening (at


  • . You can include multiple job openings in your email.

    We will post news articles about job openings at anime and manga companies, as well as anime or manga-related job openings at other companies.

    Examples of jobs we will be posting:

    Crunchyroll Marketing Director

  • Accounts Receivable from Viz Media Translated by Yen Press

Marketing Director of Netflix Anime

Working example we won’t publish:

    Marvel Comics Art Director Marketing Director, Netflix

      Animator for Disney Animation

Please include the following information in your email: Job Title
job description Required Qualifications If the salary is made public Application Instructions any other relevant information

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Disclosure: World Entertainment (KWE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kadokawa Kadokawa Corporation, is a subsidiary of Anime News Network, LLC major shareholder. Yen Press, BookWalker Global and J-Novel Club are subsidiaries of KWE. 40



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