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Yeohlee Fall 2023 ready-to-wear

Yeohlee Teng may not have been a math genius at school, but she sure knows how to teach geometry well. For fall, she stripped back all the colors and patterns of last season, creating a collection of zip-up coats, rain capes and trousers with oversized leather pockets using only black and white tones. She wanted to focus on the shapes and patterns of clothing, with a special emphasis on cut and fabric. “The different widths of the fabric dictate your cut. If you have 60 inches of fabric, you’ll cut it in a different 11 inches of fabric,” says Teng.

All This discussion of tailoring stands out for the way the clothes look 11. Known as a “piece of cloth” dress, it is made from a single piece of cloth. The dress wraps around the body with a tie tied only at the back. An example of Teng’s mastery of her medium.



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