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Yes, perineal orgasms are real—and unbelievable

Let’s venture into fun-filled uncharted territory – the perineum: a nerve-rich pleasure center with enormous orgasmic potential.

Colloquially known as a “spot,” “gooch,” or “grundle,” the perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum or vagina. Massaging the perineum can enhance other forms of sexual stimulation and can even lead to orgasm alone.

“This is a great option, especially since it can help fill in all the necessary Founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical Dr. Evan Goldstein said the company is a leading private practice focused on sexual health and wellness and is the co-founder of the sexual health care brandFuture Method.

According to Carlton Thomas, MD, who offers sexual health tips on his TikTok and Instagram Account, perineal stimulation is especially pleasing to those with prostate . “While the [prostate] area can be reached from the inside, an external, firm, perineal application is applied. Pressure can also stimulate the prostate from the other side,” he explains.

Perineal orgasm

You may wonder why you used to Haven’t heard of perineal pleasure or perineal orgasm. Given theinconsistency of national sex education, many of us don’t fully understand our pleasure centers, or even our own anatomy .

Especially for cisgender men, stigma can hinder exploration of areas other than the penis. According to Dr. Goldstein, some people have a hard time getting used to the play of the perineum, but once you try However, you may find it relaxing.

“In a culture where most people are type A or type A wanting more control over their own destiny, [perineal stimulation] is a realignment A great way to do things that matter,” Dr. Goldstein said. “You deserve this joy. “

Are you ready to experience all that your perineum has to offer? Let’s get into the fun stuff.

Begin your own exploration.

Before you bring your partner into the mix, it’s best to explore your session on your own The pubic area. That way, you can identify the type of sensation you like.

“[The perineum] is like a spider web of muscles that supports the pelvic floor,” explains Dr. Goldstein. “They are basically merged into one unit. Having said that, pressing lightly along or against the muscular belly is a good way to start. “

After you’ve tapped your fingers for a while, Dr. Thomas recommends trying different forms of digital stimulation. “Some people prefer the sensory stimulation of light touch, while others Love the deeper pressure and light rubbing action,” he says.

Once you find a feeling that feels good, move on! You can just focus on your perineum, or you can Add other forms of stimulation, such as stroking the penis with a finger or butt plug or anal penetration.

Even if you don’t have stimulation alone from the perineum to orgasm, putting some pressure on the area can still help you get closer Orgasm. Dr. Goldstein explains that massaging the perineum increases blood flow in the pelvic area, which in turn enhances erection. It also draws fluid into the prostate and stimulates the movement of sperm to begin the process of preparing your body for orgasm.

Use sex toys.

If You’re happy with your hands, so go ahead! But if your perineum craves more intense stimulation, using a vibrator can level up your pleasure game.

Dr. Thomas recommends placing a simple external vibrator (such as a bullet vibrator or wand) on the perineum. Start with the lightest setting. Then work out to whatever intensity works best for you.

For more stimulation (and possibly hands-free orgasms), choose Dual Prostate & Perineal Massager.Lelo’s Bruno and We-Vibe’s Vector are both vibrating butt plugs that also provide perineal stimulation. You can use the remote to operate both Toys (Vector even syncs with the app!) so you don’t have to fumble around and fumble for buttons. Just don’t forget to use lube!

Try it with a partner.

Once you feel comfortable with your perineal exploration, try it with a partner. You can Wear dual prostate and perineal massagers while rolling around together, or you can have P-in-V sex by having your partner fondle, lick or gently press your perineum while you kiss, Take oral sex , or do whatever is fun and hot for both of you. Allowing your partner to explore this part of your body can be a very fragile experience, so go with a partner you trust It’s important to try.

“The goal is to allow your body to completely relax and give into this submission,” said Dr. Goldstein. “Have an experienced partner who fully understands skin and muscle sensitivities. Your partner will greatly increase your chances of getting this no-orgasm. “

What does a perineal orgasm feel like?

Since perineal massage stimulates the prostate from outside the body, a perineal orgasm is technically a prostate orgasm Some people who have experienced prostate orgasms say they are longer, stronger and more “whole body” than orgasms obtained from penile stimulation alone.

If you don’t orgasm the first few times you try perineal stimulation, don’t bend out of shape. According to Dr. Thomas, perineal play is about the journey, not the destination. “Not everyone can achieve it with perineal stimulation alone. To orgasm, most people need to stimulate the penis at the same time to achieve orgasm,” he explains. “But it’s a lot of fun to try. “

If you can’t orgasm through your perineum, or find that you just don’t like the stimulation, that’s totally fine. Every body is different and not everyone is the same way to orgasm.

“When you feel more comfortable, you can explore more of your senses, which may enhance your overall experience and of course your orgasm,” Gold Dr Stein said. “Smile, sit back and enjoy. “



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