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Yes, there's a new show where guys with big dicks talk about them

A movie called My Big Cock focuses on some men whose local talent, so to speak, is beyond ordinary – and which proves to be dazzling to watch when it airs in the UK this week.

“An oversized penis is the object of many desires,” reads the film’s official synopsis. “But for some men, extra-large seriously complicates their lives and relationships, and penis reduction surgery seems to be the only answer.”

stylized as My Massive , the documentary attracted over 700,000 viewers during its live broadcast, #MyMassiveCock in the UK trending on Twitter. It was produced for Channel 4 as part of its Truth or Dare season; the network is currently celebrating 40 years of airing and has a long history of producing breakthrough TV, having been the UK’s first in 1994 The birthplace of on-screen lesbian kisses and launched the wildly popular Queer in 1999 as Folk . ( My Massive is also responsible for Naked Attraction , a dating show, Contestants decide if they like each other when they see their naked bodies — genitals and all — in front of their faces.)

While there is a lot of pornographic material in the documentary – there was a threesome during filming – My Big Cock also goes into depth about having huge members How it affects the more serious side of other areas of these people’s lives. The subject of this documentary includes Scott, whose endowment has caused so many jokes in his social circle (and some fringe illegal photo-sharing) ), so much so that he’s struggling to find a girlfriend, and the show’s hypothetical YouTuber Cam worries that, as a black male, he’s obsessed with white women who think he’s nothing more than a hypersexual stereotype.

Cam has since made a video clarifying that it’s rare for him to be obsessed and that the documentary is revolving around him” a complete narrative”. “Don’t get me wrong, I love directors,” he said, “but it’s a story they have to make up…I do care about these things, I do talk about them, but not so much that it burns with passion. I have real life problems that I have to deal with.

Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and journalist from the UK covering pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ issues. His work has appeared on GQ, Teen Vogue, Man Repeller and MTV.

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