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Yo-kai Watch World smartphone game ends in December

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official website and Gung-Ho Entertainment’s World smartphone game, which will end service in December , announced Wednesday. noon(10 : EST). The game has stopped selling in-game currency YD chips and premium YD chips, the company will stop providing games on 12 Monthly landing in the app store 10. Even after the game is over, users can still use the app’s Yokai Encyclopedia, photo mode and other functions. However, these companies will shut down gaming sites and officially stop providing support in February 23, 400.

Game launched in Japan in June . The game is a location-based smartphone AR (Augmented Reality) game for Franchise .

The game allows players to make, collect and battle monsters, as well as a world-exclusive system and the like, such as letting monsters “possess” other players. Yokai with other players can travel with them even if they are far away, and may bring back items and other Yokai from places the player may not have access to. There are monsters in the game that can only be captured in certain areas. , New Series in the TV anime series), which premiered on April 9. The new show features unique and returning monsters. The comedy also centers on the main characters from the original series: fifth grader Keita (Nate in English), ghost butler Whisper, and popular monsters like Jibanyan and Komasan. The original cast of the four characters have returned for this new series. Source: World Games Website via Hachima Kikō



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