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Yohji Kato's Assassin's Pride manga ends

September issue of Shueisha

magazine of published the last chapter of Yoshie Kato ‘s manga adapted from

Amagi Kai ‘s light novel series last Friday. The 10th volume of the manga 10 and the final compiled volume will be published in October .

Sentai Filmworks Licensed An anime adaptation of the light novel and airing on Crunchyroll when it airs in Japan.

Sentai Filmworks Describe the story:

In a world where only nobles can use divine magical powers to wage war against dark creatures, a strange lack of ability puts young Merida in a dangerous situation. Under the guise of guardianship, the ruthless assassin Kufa is sent to assess Merida’s abilities and determine if she is the true heir to the prestigious family of Angels. If she doesn’t live up to her family’s expectations, another, more ruthless plan will be launched…

Kato in in May2019 Launched the manga. Shueisha The ninth volume of the manga published in February 281 .

Amagi launched by Nino Nino exist2016. Kadokawa published Fiction volume in March .

TV anime premieres in Japan in October 2016.

Source: September issue 2019




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