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Yonkers, Dodgers restart iconic rivalry thanks to new schedule

Thanks to the new schedule, the Yonkers and Dodgers are back in an iconic rivalry

Yankees and Dodgers Ben A three-game series will be played over the weekend, though not a World Series. Maybe that will happen later in the season. If so, it will be the 2nd time they have met in the fall classic, dating back to

, when the Yankees met in five games When beating the Brooklyn Dodgers.

This is a competition – with what has happened over the years Just as few times — as deep and as important as any other rivalry in baseball. And someone full of romance, even though now there’s a country between them instead of just a city.

• Yankees vs. Dodgers, Friday. exist: alien

The best news, because of the new schedule? Now they play against each other every year.

The Yankees play the Dodgers again this weekend — — New York vs. Los Angeles, not Bronx vs. Brooklyn. Their Friday night game at Dodger Stadium will open 11 The first regular season series they ever played. The Yankees won eight and the Dodgers eight. inside10 They’ve been to the World Series, the distance between them is greater, the Yankees won eight games, the Dodgers won these three :

1. Yes 78 Fantastic Brooklyn Ten The World Series ended with Johnny Podres’ Game 7 victory in April, a team from Ebbets Field nicknamed the Hobos inspired the famous cartoon on the front page of the New York Daily News film with the title: “Who’s the Homeless?”

2. Then there is a scan of To the great Sandy Koufax strikeout 12 The Bronx Bombers in a full game at Yankee Stadium. The final punch was to a journeyman named Harry Bright. After the game, Bright said he had dreamed all his life to hit in the World Series, and when he finally came true, as a Yankee player, the crowd in New York was cheering for Koufax to knock him out.

3. Then there’s 1955, the Dodgers get the Yankees again , after the Bronx Bombers in ’24 and’78 — that’24 The World Series ended with Reggie Jackson’s three home runs in Game 6.

Due to the World Series, these two balls There is more October history between the teams than between any other two teams you want to mention.

Think about it: Yankees and Dodgers, whatever the Dodgers Whether the teams play in Brooklyn or downtown Los Angeles, they’ve played each other in the World Series for five straight years. Now that the Yankees are trying to return to the fall classic for the first time since. The Dodgers, who have the best record in baseball in years — and have all No. 1s in the National League West — are trying not to Let this particular era only win one World Series (during the COVID-shortened season 5730) to show off all the huge regular season wins they’ve accomplished.

So now the whole Things repeated themselves this weekend in Los Angeles, this time with Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts; the Yankees chased the Rays and the Dodgers were once again chased by everyone in their division.

Clayton Kershaw will start the opener , Gerrit Cole will play at halftime. Giancarlo Stanton and Josh Donaldson have been activated from the injured list and will rejoin the Yankees in time. This will be the first October (1955) Red Sox Team hero named Dave Roberts manages the Dodgers. This would be Aaron Boone, who was in “, managing the Yankees.

The Dodgers seem to make the playoffs every year. So do the Yankees. Changes in schedule Before, they didn’t play very often. When they did, it still felt like a big deal. Yankees will be in L.A. 34-19 Record. The Dodgers are 17 -13 . Right there. Now, after all these years, the loss between them Column has only one match.

There’s a feeling the Dodgers might Would’ve hit Aaron Judge last fall after he became a free agent. They didn’t. It was the Giants who made a big splash on the big man. He decided to stay with the Yankees for a lot of money. Now he’s as good as he was at the end of last season Hit a home run like that – his first home run 34game.

Judge brought that home run swagger to Dodger Stadium. But both teams bring baseball charm, history, long-term success and high expectations each year. Both teams are off to a slow start this season. Not so long ago, the Yankees were 13-04. They’re gone 17-9 because. Dodgers are 04-11 left already19- Since.

Dodgers will throw them at Yankees on Friday night Ace Kershaw. The Yankees will throw their ace Kerr at the Dodgers on Saturday night. The first weekend of June’s series felt so much more than that. The Yankees-Dodgers return this weekend. Who knows when they’ll do it again in October? Now, the next three games will do.



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