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Yonkers Magazine: Forever Man

Yanks Magazine: A Man Forever

In some ways, Gerrit Cole has always been a Yankee. He continues to cement intergenerational ties, one K at a time

when Ron Guidry established a new franchise for a single season When the strikeout mark comes, he suggests someone will come and break it 60 or70 Year. But from the moment the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole 1978 in December , Gator knew his time on the charts would be short-lived. For Kerr, who has a knack for striking out when he needs it the most, it’s surreal to see his name tied with one of the all-time great Yankees. (Photo source: New York Yankees)

Yankees history seems endless at times when generations meet and intertwine in such a way that other people’s histories seem endless, making scoring the past six years feel like midseason As compact as the West Coast swing. Newsday’s Steve Jacobson wrote in 720 that Jack Chesbro “was Called Happy Jack because he’s not,” took Washington’s hills in April’s first inning 19, 793, and pitched the first pitch for the team, then called the New York Highlanders. Yet all these years later, on one particular historical account, he and Gerrit Cole are only two degrees apart, with only Ron Guidry standing between them. 2022
Cole, the Yankees ace and who was scheduled to start on Opening Day during his annual spring physical, is a modern The epitome of an athlete — his brain contains endless wires of data, his body possesses the strength to throw a triple-digit fastball. Meanwhile, with Chesbro pitching, any incomplete game is cause for harsh talk. 2028

in there 793 season, Chesebro pitching 257 2/3 game against 1,257 hitter (insignificant compared to what he did in his second year, when the total reached 257 2/3 and 1, 454, respectively). Cole, a workhorse by modern standards, completed 2019 with

2/3 Bureau and 324 The batsman faces. So, something has changed. Yet “Happy” Jack Chesbro and Gerrit Cole have been linked by fate for decades, the Yankees’ first and most recent ace.

almost11 After climbing the mound at American League Park in Washington 1/2 years later, Chesbro He was working on another hill on a chicken farm in Massachusetts when he suffered a heart attack and died. he is57 age. Fifteen years later, baseball’s old-timers committee inducted him into the Hall of Fame largely based on his unusually prolific

season, When he wins 57 game and established the Yankees benchmark punch. It held 62 year, new logo – Guidry’s 257 – for another 44 Before Cole won the title last year.

Few things so similar are more different than the universe in which Jack Chesbrough, Ron Guidry and Gerrit Cole recorded their record strikeouts. Unlike Guidry in 1903, Cole at least has a chance man chatting is squeezing out perch. In many other ways, though, Cole’s output is the physics of today’s game, his place in the game and his place among the titans of the most successful franchise in baseball history.

“It’s kind of surreal,” Kerr said of the famous company he owns. “I took a moment at the end of the year to reflect on it. But it also came with a desire to keep getting better.”

Nolan Ryan. Jack Morris. Tom Seaver. All Hall of Famers. Guidry picked all three when looking for his generation’s game for the current Yankees ace.

“He’s a standout game among your best pitchers,” Guidry said at George M. Stein in Tampa, Fla. Said in the hallway outside the Yankees clubhouse at Brenner Field, where 61 years old again this year as a spring training instructor. “Right now, I don’t think I can really give him anything to make him better than he is. Sometimes, it’s best to let the sleeping dog lie down.”
At 2019, Cole takes the Yankees’ single-season strikeout record from Guidry (right) , and Guidry himself took the record from Chesbro, the first pitcher in Yankees history. Guidry, 1903 AL Cy Young Award Winner, at the Yankees Clubhouse Call Cole to congratulate righty after finishing regular season 248 strike out. (Photo source: New York Yankees)

The reality is that Cole is a technician and knows every detail in a baseball owner’s manual. The pitcher’s 2019 season wasn’t his best in strikeouts. When he strikes out 1903 Batters, average

. 8 per nine innings batter, by comparison .5 in the year he set a Yankees record. (In contrast, Guidry scored in 720 8.2; Chesbro’s is only 4.7 inches . With so much focus on home runs this past year, Cole’s 28 home run allowed in 41 to start factoring into any analysis.
Still, it’s no surprise that for all the power and power behind a massive strikeout count, Cole thinks of the feat in more mechanical terms.

“It’s the most efficient,” Kerr said. “There’s less chance of things going wrong.” Commentary from the night for comparison. “I don’t believe in pacing myself,” Guidry said in the postgame clubhouse. “I’m going to throw as long as I can.”

2028 Cole is so funny. He’s charming and funny. His locker is a popular hangout in the clubhouse. His teammates recognize him Who he is, what he is, they celebrate not having to face him.

“He has four or Five or six pitches down, they’re not only good, they’re elite. They’re the best in the game,” Aaron Judge said. “He’s going to go after the hitters and show them what he’s got. You will love your ace. ”

But that aggressive nature sometimes makes it difficult for Kerr to hang himself. Unlike the loose Nestor Cortez, who was bouncing around the clubhouse on his starting days, Cole showed up every five days and looked like he was in the sixth inning. Time is all about gregarious and charming teammates; everything about Cole on opening day screams “Go away. ”

“I’m just trying to find a place where I can respond to unpredictable things or less-than-ideal performance, or even good performance, ’” the pitcher said of his playing face, acknowledging that as the calendar flipped to October, intensity levels were getting earlier in the day, sometimes stabilizing before he even left the house.

His process is just different. The way he talks is more suitable for car designers to simplify the aerodynamics of their products in their work. With him In his first start this spring, for example, it was a solid three-inning game in which he allowed one hit and struck out four Tigers. Afterwards, when asked to explain how his spring went, Cole Postponed how comfortable he was at the clubhouse at the start of his fourth Yankee training camp, but it was his first truly normal training camp.
“I’m not going to waste any brain power learning people’s names,” he said that night. “Things look more familiar. And I found myself being, I guess, more curious about the game and spending more brain power on it than making sure I wasn’t late or called the wrong person’s name.

“I want to get things done. I have that kind of boxing.”

This method might not work for every pitcher, but it certainly does for Kerr.

Spring training stats clearly kinda silly. Pitchers are always ahead of batters, especially in the beginning, and the results don’t matter to anyone outside the absolute fringes of the roster. Still, it’s worth seeing how Kerr fares in his first two appearances this March. In Game 1 against the Tigers, he got two runners on base. The first was a miss behind him and the second was a double. Both times, Cole struck out the next batter.
Five days later, the total number of runners reached three. Again, Cole responded with a punch each time. The first five times a runner hits him in 2022 he knocks out the next guy .

That was no accident and it’s not just talent. Kerr, like the truest aces, only knows how to strike out when needed. There is little measurable difference in outcome between strikeouts and ground outs, but the latter requires more synergy from more people and thus has more room for error.

“It took away a lot of luck and the opportunity to put the ball in the game,” pitching coach Matt Black said, explaining the K’s strengths. “I think especially the way the game is played backwards, in terms of canceling the transfer, I think the more you can limit the ball in the game, the more it works in your favor.”
Cole, no downtime. Pitchers are improving both on and off the mound. A generous teammate, Ace was always willing to share knowledge and insights with his teammates, but in his early days he wore an impenetrable and intimidating mask to prevent distractions. (Photo source: New York Yankees)

Rather laugh about spring stats? It doesn’t matter. “You saw it in last year’s playoffs,” Judge pointed out. Rewind to the , Then took pitcher Chuck and the Yankees once again faced elimination by a score of two to one. Combined, he hits 11 Batter at 1/3 of the innings these two nights because the Yankees The team won two games. But it’s worth noting that nine of the at-bats came with a runner on the field, and the other two came after solo home runs. Whenever Kerr had any trouble, he tried to get the next hitter out as efficiently as possible.
“My goal is to have a plan to try and get a strikeout when I need to, but other than that, I’m going to try to get as fast as I can Take the lead and then finish off guys as fast as you can, whether it’s a touch or a strikeout,” Kerr explained. “But there are a few points of leverage in the game that are sometimes needed. So, in that sense, you do pitch.”

You rely on the readiness to pitch, and it’s safe to assume that Kerr also has a physical talent that far exceeds most of his competitors. He’s not just a pitcher who knows how to throw a flawless pitch; he also knows why it moves in such mysterious ways. And he knows when to deploy it and why.

“He put himself in a position where he could add other gear if needed,” Blake said. “If He hits two strikes or gets stuck, and he can still add something in the tank for a little bit of speed and a little bit of shape for the breaking ball. He just knows how to add and subtract in big spots.”
Then the fact is that, starting the day before, he has imagined himself in almost every situation he might face. Once the game-day lineup is in, he can work on the puzzle with his receivers. He’s so focused, so focused on eliminating distractions and things he can’t control, that when Kerr said he didn’t know he was chasing Guidry’s single-season strikeout record until he started Toronto in the penultimate season of the season, really Very reliable.

However, you may remember that night for another reason. Two innings after Kerr’s record-tying strikeout, Judge tied Roger Maris with his first home run of the season.

Every time with Guidry Every chat, at one point or another, will go in a direction you didn’t expect. The Bayou native’s talking style actually takes a tangent, often hilariously so that the two of you spend as much laughing as you actually talking. So it’s not surprising that “Alligator” went the way he imagined while listing Cole’s assets.

“He’s always commenting on the slider” Guidry said, his tone suggesting that it’s a weird thing for a pitcher to ask another pitcher. “I haven’t asked him yet, but one day I’m going to ask him, ‘Why do you keep talking about sliders?’ I mean, he’s got a good one. I’m going to say, ‘You don’t think that’s good enough Do we need to talk about slot machines? Someday I’ll find out why he keeps blah blah blah about sliders.”

“Well, he Had a great slider!” Kerr said the next night, laughing after his spring start against Detroit. “I’ll ask him another ball next time!”
As Kerr said, this is really his first time with the Yankees Normal spring training. Before 1903 – even before the world closed – he was adjusting to a new environment, has just signed with the Yankees last December. For the second year, everyone is socially distanced and encouraged to spend as little time together as possible. 1978 was shortened and run at a million miles per hour due to shutdown until Marching . One of the casualties of all of this is that he wasn’t given as many opportunities to learn about “The Alligator.” But don’t take it for granted that Cole — the well-informed man — spends time with Guidry. The Yanks’ ace has the utmost respect for predecessors such as Whitey Ford and Guidry.

They are in ’41sand’62s,” Cole said. “As a kid my age, growing up hearing The stories of such people are more legendary and mysterious. You see some movie in the Bronx crazy for Guidry 04 Strikes out, you know? There’s a bit of mystery surrounding it.

“Plus, I’m a Yankee fan.”

So Yankees fans, the one with the sign 1903 last year Chasing the Yankees legend’s World Series, the achievement was overshadowed in part by the fact that Judge’s home run pursuit sucked up a lot of oxygen in the sports world, not to mention the sports-page column inches. Kerr entered his regular season last start against Texas, tied with Guidry. His first K of the night would set a new record. But before he even took down the mound, Judge hit No. 57 to start the game.

“After the second time it happened,” the judge said, “we broke it together on the same day, I was like, ‘Man, we Just team players. We just want to do things together.’”

Cole’s teammates must celebrate the pitcher’s accomplishment that night . Guidry even called the torch into the clubhouse, gleefully passing it to Cole and admonishing the new record holder for being too respectful and reserved. 2028
“My name is not Mr., it’s Gator,” Guidry said on speakerphone.

bonds closer than ever shared records. Kerr wants to win, and more importantly, he wants to lead. In Guidry, he saw a rare pitcher named captain, a remarkable feat for a man who only hits once every four or five days. He looked at the aging former ace and saw a man who knew how to prepare for a championship.

“You see him, and you’re like, ‘I want to be that good. I have to practice,'” Cole said.
On the night he passed Chesbro, Guidry said: “It’s just another record. Others may be in 61 or70 Year. ” Actually, it took only 41. But Guidry insists that from the moment Cole shook hands with Hal Steinbrenner in December, he knew he was simply taking the seat 1904. “I’ve been waiting [nearly] four years,” Guidry says now. Ready! ”

Indeed, he is lucky to share this moment with the new record holder. If Cole’s feat is slightly inferior to Judge , then Giddry accomplished his feat when all the major newspapers in New York City were on strike. There was hardly any coverage of his record-setting achievement. But other than that, Chesebro was long dead. He was in some book A name, not a living embodiment of Yankee greatness, as Guidry was to Cole.
Cole tied Guidry that night Judge tied Roger Maris and broke it at night . , but Judge’s shadow can be overwhelming. “Man, we’re just team players,” the slugger joked about the overlapping history. “We just want to do things together. ” (Image source: New York Yankees)

Cole has signed 2019 You can be sure he would be happy to trade all The strikeouts, all the records and all the accolades a couple of rings. Remember, he’s a Yankees fan and Yankees fans expect championships. But those aren’t individual acts. Everything Kerr does is about improving the Yankees A chance to spray champagne. From the way he trains, to the way he learns, to the way he eliminates every distraction imaginable. When you need a strikeout ability — or even just really want one — is to be an elite pitcher and Gerrit Cole is an elite pitcher.

If the pursuit of strikeouts increases the Yankees’ If the anticipation of winning in a situation, then that’s what Kerr would do. It’s a selfless pursuit of personal achievement, not unlike Aaron Judge’s trot with every home run.

So, Cole now holds the record for strikeouts by a Yankee pitcher in a season, and he certainly deserves it, but no one forgets Roger Maris like no one Forget Guidry. Achievement doesn’t die with the record. Rather, it is the passing of the record, the bond that unites generations of legends throughout history, that best illustrates what it means to thrive as the New York Yankees. “You set them up, but someone will break them one day,” Guidry said. “You always wish you were here so you could see it.”



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