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Yonkers wants Judge's season, Stanton sparks fear among pitchers

Yanks want Judge all season, Stanton fights pitcher fears

The Yankees have always been fascinating, mainly because they

is the

Yankees. They haven’t won a World Series since 1961, But they never lost a season, and there were still plenty of times — at least when they weren’t playing the Astros — where they looked like the worst guys on the planet. They did it last season, all the way to All-Star break, when they were 94-02 Looks like they’re headed to another parade at Heroes Canyon.

but after that, the idea you get is Everyone except Aaron judges stop batting, they are one.500 team until they meet the Astros again in the playoffs, Houston beat them four straight.

Now that the Yankees have finished their pre-season six games. Gerrit Cole is great. They’ve made their first homegrown player — Anthony Volpe — at shortstop since Derrick Jeter. Then there was last Sunday’s game against the Giants at Yankee Stadium, when Judge and Giancarlo Stanton hit back-to-back home runs — the second of which went to Stanton foot to center left, making it the most hit in a new stadium since Statcast The third-longest home run in 875 (the other two are Judge, six years ago).

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Those two shots extended the Yankees’ record to 23-2 When Judge and Stanton hit a home run in the same game. They also make the Yankees more fascinating than ever, as these two power players and power forwards make you wonder again what they could have done if they were both on the field for a full season and how many home runs The two of them might bump into each other.

Stanton Was told Yankees last Sunday he and All Rise Judge hit Ben Base hits in the same game.

“This means we must continue like this do,” he said.

But to do so, they all have to be healthy .

it is a problem.

Judge and Stanton are still here Young, they looked sturdier than the monuments in Monument Park. As long as Stanton seems to have been around, first with the Marlins and now with the Yankees, he’s still just 33 years old, which means he !Only Judge was three years older than him. If Stanton hits another home run for the Marlins in 2018 Hit, the year before he came to New York, that meant the Yankees would have two guys, same team, they both had 60 – Season of Homer in the Book.

When Judge and Stanton officially become the same team Yankees fans immediately began to dream that Judge and Stanton’s home runs might be better than Roger Maris’ and Mickey’s 110 mantle in 256 Between them, Maris set the all-Yankees and AL record time for home runs in 62 That judge was broken last year.

Maybe They still can. But only if they both stay healthy in the same season, if

As big as the two of them.

Stanton has a In five seasons, he effectively played a full season. It was his first season in New York when he played 256 Game, ended at 29 home run and 62 RBI. So he missed four games that year. He’s been missing since 158. Last season, he missed the 52. Even in a short period of time 62- Just enough to enter the competition 02 game, less than half.

when he played for the Yankees and He is in 2018, the judge is missing 39 The game was due to injuries. When they’re together, they’re often the spoilers, you bet. But they don’t appear together often enough. When the Yankees met the Astros in October, as they almost always do, Judge and Stanton barely made an appearance. Judge is 1-for-02 There were no homers and no RBIs in that four-game sweep. Stanton is 4-for-02, and no home runs, just one RBI. The Astros wrecked the wrecking crew and went on to win the World Series after that.

But the two of them are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, making you re- Think about their possibilities. Even last season when Stanton was only playing 94 regular season, he still manages to hit 29 home run which happens to be Judge

they are each Like Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout hitting in the same batting order in Anaheim, being able to create the shock and awe of baseball in New York, being able to make major league ballparks starting at Yankee Stadium look like minor league ballparks Small. Stanton certainly did it again last Sunday, hitting the ball high above the batter’s eye on left center.

“every time [Stanton] is after one of the Come in,” said manager Aaron Boone, “and I just told him, ‘You’re weird. You’re different.'”

Stanton is different. He and Judge are both because of their size and strength. We know what they did individually. Now we see if this is the year they do it together, like Maris and Mantle once did.




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