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yoruhashi's ruined kingdom manga gets tv anime this year

launched a website on Wednesday announcing



The manga will be adapted into a TV anime this year. The site revealed the first key visual for the anime.

©2022 yoruhashi/マッグガードン・「はめつのおうこく」production committee draw

yoruhashi An illustration was also drawn to commemorate the announcement.

© yoruhashi

Animated The main actors are:

adonis1Kaito Ishikawa as Adonis

adonis1©2023 yoruhashi/マッグガードン・「はめつのおうこく」production committee


©2023 yoruhashi/マッグガードン・「はめつのおうこく」production committee

Azumi Waki as Doroka

©2022yoruhashi/マッグガードン・「はめつのおうこく」Production Committee

©2023 yoruhashi/マッグガードン・「はめつのおうこく」production committee

Motonaga Keitaro (

, ) are Director Yokoh Animation ama Animation Lab . Highlight Kono (, ) is in charge of the script of the series, Hiromi Kato (, Characters are being designed. Miki Sakurai (

), Kanematsu Shu (), and Hanae Nakamura ( Composing. doroca1Seven Seas Authorized manga and will publish the sixth volume in English in May . Company introduction cartoon:

Humanity has lived in harmony with witches for a long time, but advanced scientific revolutions have made witches’ powers unnecessary. Succumbing to resentment and fear, the greatest nation in the world started a brutal witch hunt and wiped out all witches from the land …After being forced to watch his beloved teacher die before his eyes, Adonis, a witch’s apprentice, sweats his vengeance on the Empire that took him all. In this exciting new comic series, Science and Magic Bloody battle between!


Manga of

was released at doroca1Mag Garden

April Magazine 600. Still in , and sites. doroca1Mag Garden The seventh volume of the manga will be published in September .

Source: Anime Site, Comic Natalie

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