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'You Are Arrested' comic gets its first new chapter in 3 years on December 23rd

Kodansha ‘s official Twitter magazine revealed on Tuesday that Kosuke Fujishima is drawing a special one-off photo His () manga chapter titled “GP” Will appear in the magazine’s February 2023 December 192655. Thirty years after the main comic ended 1994, this is the first new chapter.

Cop manga centered on two traffic cops: the arrogant and hot-headed Natsumi, and the urbane and skilled Miyuki. While often at odds with each other, they kept the peace in their local community and earned the respect and trust of each other, as well as the (sometimes grudging) respect of their colleagues, civilian friends, and even petty crooks.

Manga in

in Kodansha and Party Zōkan magazines from 1986 to1992 . Kodansha released seven volumes of the manga. Manga inspired four episodes of OVA adapted from to 1995and-From to1992 and three other TVs at 1999, 1992 and 2002 respectively . It also inspired an anime movie in 1996 and in

adapted from a live-action series . Dark Horse Comics has published two volumes in English that contain only some of the stories from the original manga.

Another famous manga series by Fujishima is , which inspired It has numerous OVA, TV animation and animated film adaptations and derivative works. Fujishima is also known for character designs in the series

, and Bandai Namco Entertainment feature-length Tales of game series.

Source: Yoshiko Yashima’s official Twitter



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