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You Can Buy Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s Exact Headband in Greenwich Village

Lovers of the “quiet luxury” trend and the ‘90s nostalgia rejoice—an astute TikToker has now discovered that eternal fashion icon Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s exact headbands are still available at C.O. Bigelow in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. 

The Sixth Avenue shop opened as a true apothecary in 1838.  Since then, the store has expanded to include an in-house line of beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products—including the flat-band tortoise shell headband that Bessette-Kennedy used to hold back her golden-blonde hair. 

A representative from C.O. Bigelow confirms that Bessette-Kennedy was “a frequent shopper” and that the style she’s wearing in the famed paparazzi shot actually comes in two different versions: The classic thicker one in the photo, and a thinner version. Both come in shades like tortoise, Tokyo (beige and white), demi-blonde (yellowy-beige), bone, and leopard print, and cost between $20 and $30. 

Headbands are no longer for the Blair Waldorfs among us—we’re been seeing the accessory appearing on all manner of cool-girl celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Bella Hadid, and Sofia Richie

While the headbands are not available for purchase on C.O. Bigelow’s website, the team noted that they will take phone orders—appropriately ’90s, we think!



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