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You can now buy an unlocked iPhone at Best Buy

Earlier today, Best Buy started selling unlocked iPhones in the US. The big chain previously offered iPhones, of course, but only on carrier contracts. From now on, you can get an unlocked form without any long-term commitment, so you can use it on any network you want.

However, there is a pretty big catch, at least for now. Related iPhones you can buy unlocked at Best Buy are iPhone 12, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 mini and 3rd generation iPhone SE. That’s right, no iPhone 14 or any of its siblings from the latest generation of Apple devices.

You can now buy unlocked iPhones at Best Buy

This may of course change in the future, but for now, you can only buy older iPhones unlocked from Best Buy. As you might expect, all unlocked models are in brand new condition.

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