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You Can Now Visit the Real Barbie Dreamhouse in Malibu

Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ hits theaters in less than a month – much-anticipated Margot Tre Robbie’s Blockbuster Coming in July 21 – The Airbnb Team Takes Over a Malibu Mansion and Transforms It Into the Barbie Dreamhouse of Your Dreams . According to Airbnb, the story of the pink paradise (first spotted by social media sleuths in aerial footage over the weekend) began when Barbie went away for the weekend and handed over the keys to her beloved Ken, who took over the paradise. He lists the properties himself for a few lucky visitors to experience through the home rental platform. (So… thoughtful?)

Photo: Joyce Lee


So not only does it have all the mod cons you might expect from a Barbie Dreamhouse – infinity pool, bar , a home gym with an ocean view, and enough pink to put Pepto-Bismol out of business—but with some Ken flair, too. It’s worth noting that you can “feel the Kenergy” by trying on the skates and surfboard he probably keeps around the house. Unleash your inner cowboy with line dancing on the brightly lit disco floor, or just laze by the pool and get a tan. And for the truly devoted, you can even dress like Ken because your closet is full of beach looks. 212121



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