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You like me more than my daughter? ! National Guard 1


You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! GN 1

When Ayako’s sister and brother-in-law died in a car accident, she was the only one willing to adopt Orphan’s niece’s human meow. Now, ten years later, Miu is fifteen and Ayako is feeling old in her early thirties. But she doesn’t mind – after all, she loves Miu, and the guy next door also seems to have a crush on her! But it turns out that he does have a crush on someone in the family…just not Miu!

You like me, not my daughter! ?

Translated by Alan Cheng and Rowena Chan, by T. Campbell Adapted and written by Viet Phuong Vu.

Age is a funny thing. We’ve all read the comics that equate being over 30 with middle age and it really brings home to people that age is very much a social construct as well as a construct in addition to being a simple set of numbers describing how long you’ve been alive The content depends on the culture in question. Many comics dance around this idea, either for laughs or to please, and with the age gap girl 205 manga, which usually indicates that the heroine may be more mature than her peers. In the case of , almost all of these things are true in some way.

The story follows a woman named Ayako whose older sister and brother-in-law died in a family when their daughter Miu was only five years old. accident. At the memorial service, all the relatives were arguing over who would take the orphan, and everyone had a reason why they couldn’t be adopted: too many kids, too much work, and it wouldn’t look good to adopt. They sent her to a group home. Frustrated with all of this, and seeing the price the little girl has paid for it, Ayako says she will step up and adopt her. Even when her relatives dissuaded her from entering the workplace after graduating from university, Ayako remained unmoved, and her determination paid off. The story jumps forward ten years, you can see that Miu now calls her aunt her mother, and the two are living a happy and comfortable life. Miu is just starting high school and Ayako has arranged everything so she can work remotely thanks to a very understanding boss. They are even close to their neighbors, especially their 20-year-old son Takumi. He’s been tutoring Miu, and Ayako convinces himself that he’s infatuated with her daughter.

You can guess from the title of the play, but this is not the case, in fact, the person he loves is Ayako herself. For the past decade, he’s always been—we see him looking in awe during the funeral scene when Ayako stands up and says that if no one else will take Miu, she will. He’s clearly smitten with this woman who has the audacity to do things no grown-ups dare, and if that were the only sign of his early crush, frankly, the story would be a lot better. Unfortunately, the creator Nozomi Oda 205 (fame) thinks that might not be enough — or at least not sexy enough. As the book continues, we learn that ten years ago, Ayako let Takumi into the house when his mother was out and he was caught in the rain, and the two showered together. While she has absolutely zero sexual intent, it’s a sexual awakening for him, and the whole scene is incredibly uncomfortable, especially since he is

was uncomfortable with the situation and was reluctant to say so. The bathing scene doesn’t have to be sexy, but Takumi feels like it casts a cloud over what could have been a perfect rom-com.

Considering the rest of the story is mostly up to Takumi trying to show that he is % takes her seriously while she floats around declaring she’s too old for him. Although there was at least an eleven or twelve year age gap between them, she was the only one who bothered about it; even his mother was perfectly okay with her son’s feelings since he made it clear to her. Ayako’s question on this topic seems to have two parts. One of these is undoubtedly that she has known him since he was ten years old; it can be deduced that she and Miu moved into Miu’s house, thus gaining Takumi’s neighbors. As a result, she kept seeing him as the kid next door, and it was hard for her to realize that he had grown up. But she also feels much older than her actual age. This is almost certainly in part because she has raised a child for ten years; this puts her in a range of experiences that may not be shared by her peers. Because she has been Miu’s mother in her mind for the past ten years, she thinks that’s how Takumi sees her; also, since she and Takumi are twice the age between Takumi and Miu, she can’t imagine him Feeling no closer to her daughter than to herself. She was taken aback by the discovery that Takumi considered himself a mature adult and acted like one. He’s serious about her, and the way he sees her is so different from the way she sees herself that she becomes their biggest obstacle, and even with regular conversations on the topic, it does lead to some hilarious attempts to bring him down; otaku One of them is particularly interesting.

If age gap romance isn’t your thing, this probably isn’t for you. Even without that factor, the shower scene is close to being a deal-breaker. Still, if you can get beyond that and look at poor Ayako’s incredibly uncomfortable breasts, then there’s a pretty good story here. It’s kind of sad that Ayako writes herself as an old lady at 31 or 32. People around her are very supportive of whatever decision she makes. Interesting to see from Takumi’s point of view that the short stories included are written in his first person, so would love to know if they were written in the same way or if something special was done to this particular short story matter. But this overall doesn’t scream adaptation, and with those few caveats I mentioned earlier, it could be a good escapist romantic fantasy.




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