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Your First Look at Celebrity Hairstylist James Pecis’s Brand

After partnering with his wife, Kimberley Norcott, on brand development, the duo found a clean beauty lab based in the U.S. to formulate Blu & Green’s debut collection of products, including Daily Shampoo and Conditioner (both of which come in a tablet form), Weekly Repair Mask, and Solid Oil. “The shampoo and conditioner took the most time,” says Pecis, who tested the moisturizing formulas on all hair types, from super fine to dense 4C curls. “You pinch the tablet, which is smaller than a Tums, add water, and it foams and has a nice lather.” The Weekly Repair Mask features nourishing ingredients like Hydrolyzed Quinoa to strengthen each hair strand and Oryza Sativa Rice Extract to hydrate and protect. The Solid Oil is the only styling product of the bunch, and features powerhouse moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Rice Bran Wax. “I use it to finish hair after it dries, it calms frizz and add separation between waves,” says Pecis, who, incidentally, is known for his own artfully undone hair texture.

“The whole ethos of the brand is to make sure that everything from the harvesting of the ingredients, the people involved, transportation, is reducing emissions,” he explains. “We’re bringing clean beauty to the consumer, and thinking about every step of the way,” adding that the shea butter used in Solid Oil is responsibly sourced from a woman owned co-op in Africa.

As for fragrance, Pecis eschewed synthetics in favor of essential oils, keeping the signature blend fresh and invigorating, but not one that lingers in your hair throughout the day. It’s reminiscent of how you’d want to feel post-shower after a day at the beach—relaxed and refreshed. 

No matter how prevalent those all-natural, California vibes may be to Blu & Green, it is perfectly balanced with the stylist’s illustrious high fashion esthetic. And consumers eager to update their hair routine with more eco-conscious products can anticipate that it will remain that way as the brand continues to expand its product offering. As Pecis explains, “When you start to look at companies that are doing plastic-free, the performance drops and it’s really granola. I made products I stand behind, and I use for work, but I don’t compromise my values.”



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