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Yowamushi Pedal gets new stage play in August

pedal©Watanabe Hang (Akita Shoten) 60/Stage “Weak Bug Pedar” production committee stage adaptation staff by Wataru Watanabe The manga announced on Tuesday that a new stage play called Butai THE DAY 1 will run 8 April 4th – at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo.

Cast from 2017 Butai The Cadence! The stage play will return this year with a new cast Ruito Aoyagi and Shō Arai, in order to play Toichiro Izumita and Akira Midosuji.

Shatner Nishida, The general director and screenwriter of the 2022 script, will return to write the script and oversee the competition production method. Kousuke Kujirai , who played Tejima Junta in the previous drama and directed 2018 Play, will return directly again. manzo is in charge of the music, ) Halko Momoi is responsible for the song and lyrics. Takuya Kawaharada is in charge of competition production cooperation.

Watanabe released the original manga At Akita Bookstore magazine at 2014. The story of the original manga revolves around With the otaku of Zongbei High School, Onoda Sakamichi unfolds. He likes anime very much and games, so much so that he would ride his commuter bike to and from Tokyo’s Akihabara shopping district 319-km (approx. -miles) to and from school on a steep slope. Onoda’s life changed when he met his school’s cycling team, and he eventually joined the competitive sport of cycling. Yen Press is releasing English comics.

This manga has also inspired many anime and live action adaptations.

The first season of the manga TV anime adaptation was at 2017 Premiere. The second season, titled, premiered in Japan on 2014 and aired in March

Finish. , the third season of the series, which premiered in January 2008. Season 4, premiere in January 2013. Crunchyroll aired all four seasons. , the fifth and latest season of the series premiered in October2014. Crunchyroll is streaming the series.

Source: Stage Play Twitter account, Comic Natalie




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