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Yurei Deco ‒ Episode 11

How do you rate episodes of
Yurei decoration?

Community Rating: 3.7

I would give this to “Fate Changes Twice”: If you just see it as a relatively action-packed adventure, it To get us on track climax ,good results. Huck, Berry, and Finn finally reach the moon/skybase/server/” Mark Twain “, which is a cool setting in itself, where they use the Hyperverse to crack Tom Sawyer’s most secret code in order to solve the Phantom Zero mystery once and for all. It’s solid stuff in that regard, and we even get a pretty cool action scene where Hack finally manages to hit Glitchy-Witchy with one of those damn paper planes. I won’t complain about any of that.

But how much do I have to complain about is trying to convey any sense of dramatic urgency or weight, even in these Ostensibly the final chapters in the series. You’d think going to the hidden aerial servers to hack the heart of your society’s entire infrastructure would be a suspenseful and exciting journey, but the characters are never as impressed or intimidated as they should be. Even though they’re on their most important mission ever, Hack and Berry take the situation with the same urgency and seriousness as any other mission they’ve undertaken, big or small.

Well, that might not be entirely fair since we do have Full drama Berry has to decide whether to delete all data from Tom Sawyer’s servers to protect her parents from the scenes that rot in the proverbial gulag. It’s just that we don’t need to have a beat, and Berry gets sobbing and emotional as she realizes that her disappearance has really screwed up her parents emotionally. We’ve already got a more subtle (and more effective) version of this scene in Episode 4, and we’ve also seen parents give themselves up last week to protect their daughters. I do like Huck pointing out that “data is just data” and deleting her records won’t suddenly wipe out Berry’s family relationship with her parents completely, but that doesn’t justify everything

Also, do we all agree The reference to Mark Twain is more distracting than anything, at this point? I suspect it’s the same way for many non-American viewers, but I’ve been unable to figure out what the show gets from rote memorization after referencing different Twain stories and novels. I have to pay tribute to the show for coming up with the much less racist name “Injunction Jo”, but I also don’t know what the characters are supposed to be or what they have to do with Phantom Zero, Mark Twain (Moon’s stuff, not that guy), or any of the bigger mysteries in the story, except that I njunction Jo is some kind of threat, so… I guess it’s a bum?

Honestly, I just want to know The ending is what has been. Whether or not this story ever progresses towards a meaningful and interesting solution will basically be the deciding factor of whether or not

ends up being an imperfect but generally decent sci-fi game, or a messy failure. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.


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