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Yurei Deco ‒ Episode 12

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As an older man, Mark spit Wen clearly has a preference for “collecting young girls”. It is unclear whether he had any real predatory or harmful intentions towards them – Twain himself claimed he was only alone in old age and wanted to be accompanied by surrogate grandchildren, although some of his letters to the girls were not clear. The comments seem to imply at least some level surpasses the desire of fatherly love. Either way, he objectifies the girls with a frustratingly chauvinistic attitude as he comes up with the literal pet name “Angelfish” himself. He even calls them his “aquarium” when they come to visit his home, which is disgusting no matter how you slice it, and it blows my ego A moment of some research.

Now, you may find yourself asking a very reasonable The question, considering everything we’ve just learned: “What to do in Sam Hill

Mark Twain creepy old man schtick with , or the angelfish club where Huck finds himself trapped at the start of the episode?” As far as I know, the answer isn’t a damn thing, unless You take an extremely broad approach, equating Grandpa Twain’s “Stay away from those underage girls, for Christ’s sake!” For her obscure algorithmic plan, Ban Jo kidnaps two very special girls. I don’t know why you would want to do this, so the whole “angel fish club” thing ended up feeling like another useless specific mark spit Wen threw the trifles in a pile, this is Finally what this ending needs.

I have to be blunt, all of you: last episode

bad through. It’s not a total disaster or any other garbage fire, so don’t think we have another The situation is in our hands. But as far as tying up the loose threads of the series and ending its story, man, I think could have done better than House of the Greatest Secret. It was a weak juice ending that killed a lot of the goodwill

I built for over the course of the season as it makes you realize that the show has nothing to say from the start. But maybe it’s not fair because Ban Joe spends most of the episode giving a lot of info the dump does seem to indicate does have something said; it’s just that “something” in its head isn’t particularly interesting, or meaningful, or insightful. I’m not even sure it makes sense on a fundamental level of logic and world building. So yeah, no matter how you look at it, it’s not a good place.

All in all, Phantom Zero and Ban Joe are actually a Same goes, and Joe’s purpose of messing with as PZ is apparently to hunt down Tom Sawyer’s Island in search of her heir to the throne. You see, she’s tired of being the god of algorithms, but since Tom Sawyer Island has apparently demonstrated that human existence can (and should) be defined entirely by endless chains of incomprehensible algorithmic computations, Joe needs Someone takes her place and makes sure the machine works well and the civilization on the island does not will be in chaos. That heir is Huck because she… um… she doesn’t approve of content moderation, I guess?

Look, I know the skepticism of content moderation isn’t this show new ideas, but I kind of think it’s just a conversation under the whole umbrella of all the stories and ideas that help investigate what a society means, for there’s no better term, “terminals online.” No! Apparently the vicious dystopia of forced body modification and authoritarian “client-centric” thugs would be Perfect

If some eccentric wild kid had the guts to say, “If we never host anything, ever and People who trust just know in us Call it what’s real and what’s not real in the sea of ​​massive distortions and ulterior motives of everyday human interaction on the internet?” Because this obviously works well in the real world.

I don’t even want to spend Many paragraphs I could easily use to ask “What the hell is this!?” and “No, seriously, Was that always the point?”, Because right Not interested in this either. Huck just decided to take over Injunction Jo’s job and rule Tom Sawyer Island as omnipotent (but, you know, not Omnipotent) Computer god, the story is over. We had a half-hearted “where are they now” catch-up with the gang after a year at Hack, Berry’s parents had always been philosophical about content moderation being the real villain, everyone forgot about multiple artificial The intelligent and possibly real person was killed directly in the name of Injunction Jo’s ridiculously self-indulgent Willy Wonka cosplay.

I thinkScience SARU There are some great ideas to collaborate on, in ; This show always has potential, if nothing else. Sadly, regardless of the director Shimohisa Shimoyama and writer Dai Sato got lost for this project . Either, or their vision was a little silly to begin with. One thing I’m sure about is ended up being one of the biggest anime disappointments .


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