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Yurei Deco ‒ Episode 8

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Yurei Deco’s episode 8 ?

Community Rating: 3.7

I’m starting to realize something… off About

. Note that it is not enough to just tank the entire project. The show still has a strong sense of style, it has a lot of charm, and as Berry himself pointed out this week, the detective club is really starting to become a team. It’s just that all these ingredients are working, was supposed to come together as an absolutely delicious meal, but the best thing I can describe the taste of this show lately is that it’s…very good. All things considered, it was a good time, but it didn’t hit as hard as it could, and it’s hard for me to pinpoint why.

Once again, we are in “Heaven within reach” Found an episode that ostensibly contained everything I wanted from the show. Hank gets (some) narrative focus as the show expands our understanding of the dynamics of the club even more, and we also get a story directly tied to the Ghost Zero hunt, where the crew is tasked with capturing the catapults of the ejected satellites The “Pop Flies” capsule, which contains data crucial to understanding some of the encrypted files Hackett hid during his own ghost hunt. On top of that, we had a fun trip with Hack through the HyperVerse and saw the return of Mrs. Doron, who was practising her outfielder skills for the mission, in a very cute montage. Did I mention that the almost unrelated side character Puddn’head is another inexplicably named after Mark Twain The role of novel? This is a very solid Interlude, everywhere.

However, when the final twist came, Berry led the The team found Finn’s apparent betrayal, and the emotional impact wasn’t there. I don’t even mind the cliché of the trusted mentor ruthlessly revealing that he’s just been using his crew all the time, and I don’t particularly care that there are at least 20- Finn’s odds are just trying to protect the club from The dangers of his “just” mission, or whatever. When Finn himself became so mysterious in a cast that was already fairly shallow in its members, I simply couldn’t feel particularly uneasy about Finn’s “maybe true but maybe not” shift in my own personality. This plot twist definitely makes sense in the context of the show, even if it doesn’t

feel Completely correct.

I don’t want to give the impression that Kinda confusing, or I hate this episode because that’s not what it is. When we got that closeup, I did finally felt something Huck’s eyes filled with tears as Finn delivered his bad guy speech; I’m just sad that a show with so much potential has to work so hard for so little investment in return. I like , but I want love it. More and more, I found myself almost forgetting that the show even aired between episodes. Every time I sit down with the Yurei Detective Club, I’m pretty happy with the time we spent together, but I’m starting to worry that once the show is over, they might really disappear into the fog of past-year anime, just like they Named ghosts as well.


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