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Yuri is my job! ‒ Episode 6

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Yuri Is My Job ! ?

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yuriismyjob6©MIMAN, ICHIJINSHA/Cafe Liebe PROJECT

In last week’s comment, I A casual mention that this cafe shared a lot of effort with professionals to understand how it works. There are plots and semi-scripted events in the improv, but that doesn’t mean the audience accepts what they see as they expect. Sometimes, they completely reject the stories presented and create their own narratives, completely overwhelming. In this case, Mitsuki’s outburst in the previous episode convinced many of the customers in the café that day that Mitsuki had been forcing Hime to be her Schwestern—both in character and out of character. However, no one seems to blame Ji even though she is the one who unilaterally made them a couple. In Ji’s eyes, the reincarnation of so many years began to repeat itself. Once again, Mizuki is being slandered for something that wasn’t her fault. So Hime set out to prove to everyone how perfect she and Mitsuki are as a sister/big sister couple – elevating her appearance to . However, this disappointed Mitsuki. While she realized her mistake when they were kids, one of the core issues remained. She can’t tell where the truth ends and the lie begins with Hime. So the cuter Ji is, the more worried Miyue is. To make matters worse, when Ji saw that all her efforts did not change the audience’s perception of Mizuki, she reacted like they did when they were kids. yuriismyjob6 yuriismyjob6 Hime is characterized by the fact that while she is a supremely likable person, But she still won by compromising on her own demands. She’ll make plans to keep people happy, then interrupt them at the last minute with a plausible excuse so she doesn’t have to leave if she’s really not interested. However, there is one situation where she goes against her will – when those wishes are actively hurting someone she cares about. yuriismyjob6 yuriismyjob6 Ji has a high emotional intelligence, which makes it easy for people to resonate. So in elementary school, when she saw the bullies treating Mizuki, she knew what it would be like to be in Mizuki’s shoes. Also, knowing that Mitsuki was incapable of stopping the bully, Hime did it herself – sacrificing something she wanted to do (playing the piano with Mitsuki) in the process. It never occurred to Ji that Mizuki didn’t care about bullying at all. All she cares about is being with Ji. The simple fact is that Hime, neither then nor now, can see a huge difference between how she would feel and how Mitsuki would actually feel if she were in Mitsuki’s shoes. So, at the cafe, she starts doing the same thing – publicly giving up on being a Schwester with Mizuki, which makes her the bad guy, not Mizuki. yuriismyjob6 yuriismyjob6 What’s worse is that the communication problem between the two prevents their true love from being Convey. For Ji, action is the most important thing. Words are cheap because she can see hidden motives behind them. However, for Mizuki, who can’t read people at all, words are everything. Actions alone—especially those that seemed to directly contradict what she was being told—confuse and frustrate her. This made it hard for her to tell what was a lie and what was the truth. Fortunately, thanks to the series of events so far, Mitsuki was able to As a child, Fei Yue couldn’t believe that Ji’s love for her was real and these words were false. This allows her to face the situation head-on (instead of being passive-aggressive because she was hurt) by expressing her true feelings in a way that shows Hime that she is wrong both in her present and in her past actions. The only thing Mitsuki cared about – and always cared about – was being with her. Anyone’s opinion on this matter is better than none. No sacrifice is required in the first place. yuriismyjob6 This episode is the culmination of everything we’ve seen so far — Somewhere in the middle of this new conflict, Hime and Mitsuki are able to see what went wrong when they were kids and avoid repeating it. Of course, that doesn’t mean everything is suddenly perfect for our major currency pairs. The fact that they were on stage during the reconciliation adds a bit of ambiguity to the whole thing — after all, who is speaking, the characters or the people behind them? It doesn’t help that Mitsuki’s current affection for Hime is implied to be romantic in nature, and Hime still keeps Mitsuki firmly in the friend zone. For now, however, the two have reached a new level of understanding and their relationship is better than ever. yuriismyjob6 yuriismyjob6 …Unfortunately, their happiness turned into the pain of others. Rating: Random thought:

yuriismyjob6 • I’m not sure if Sumika’s meddling in the situation made the overall situation better for Hime and Misaki For better or worse. yuriismyjob6 yuriismyjob6 • In the past, it was difficult for Ji to distinguish between what was said on stage and what was said in reality . Now, it’s Mitsuki, because Hime keeps saying what she most wants to hear. yuriismyjob6 yuriismyjob6 • Kanako’s excessive focus on Hime is a bit disturbing. Being both a fan and a friend can be hard going. yuriismyjob6 yuriismyjob6 • The fact that Kanako can’t even talk to Sumika – she’s with everyone One day at work – a hint of why she’s so obsessed with her best (only?) friend. I guess Hime is basically kryptonite for socially awkward girls. yuriismyjob6yuriismyjob6 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. yuriismyjob6



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