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Yuri is my job! ‒ Episode 9

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Yuri Is My Job ! ?

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fxi7cp_aiaqgpyz fxi7cp_aiaqgpyzfxi7cp_aiaqgpyz The beginning of self-destruction.


Ever since learning about Ji and Mizuki’s shared past, there is an obvious question: if the consequences of Ji sharing her secret are as big as social destruction and trauma Come, how did she come to share with Lu Yezi. This episode not only tells why this happened, but also delves into Kanoko’s state of mind in the process. Before the two became friends, Kanoko was your typical adolescent outsider. Ignored by the rest of the class and unable to make friends easily, she reacted in a way that asserted her ego and her self-worth. Not having friends is not her fault. This is theirs. They are all hypocrites, pretending to get along and obey the rules of society. But not Canoco. Only she can see their true colors. And she doesn’t want to be their friend anyway – in fact, she resents their duplicitous nature. Of course, this is a defense mechanism. In fact, Kanoko is lonely and jealous. She wants most of all to be accepted. But admitting it would have completely destroyed her self-esteem. Most importantly, she is also projecting. She complained that they pretended to be “good girls” when she played that character. She suppressed her true feelings in her heart and accepted them silently. She succumbed to peer pressure to the point where she was unable to display any form of outward defiance. For someone like Hime, young Shikanoko is an open book . She could tell at a glance that Lu Yezi was avoiding herself and was hurt in the process. Hime plays all sides exclusively so that no one is hurt – especially her. So seeing someone being treated unfairly will get her attention. In fact, she couldn’t help reaching out — even though she knew doing so would put her at risk of exposure. Of course, seeing Hime’s true self – getting what she always wanted but could never admit The real friend you want – let Kanoko recontextualize her world. Unfortunately, she learned the lesson that not everyone is basically like her – pretending to protect their hearts and trying to find the joy they can find. Instead, she almost doubles her worldview – only Hime is kind And special. Everyone else was exactly what she always thought they were. Worse, this view leads her down the path of extreme codependency we see in modern times. Now her entire emotional state is based on Ji. Her obsession is the only joy in her life. When she’s around Ji, she’s whole. As for the idea of ​​someone else taking that position…well, we saw where it went in the last episode. But there’s another layer to it all. Hime tells Kanoko that she initially contacted Kanoko because she reminded her of Mitsuki – implying that they are similar people. For now, Kanoko reacts viscerally to the idea. She must be different from Mitsuki, otherwise her position would be in jeopardy. Here’s the thing. The Son of God was right. She’s not like Mitsuki – very different. While they’re both social outcasts, unable to create a facade (and suffer from it), that’s where their similarities begin and end. fxi7cp_aiaqgpyz The biggest difference is that although both girls love Ji, the love of Shikanoko Both obsessive and possessive. She hates Mitsuki and feels threatened. Mizuki, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have any negative thoughts about Kanoko. She wasn’t bothered by the idea that Ji had a second real friend. She’s just happy that she and Hime are together again after so many years. It is Kanoko’s jealousy and repressed desires, not Mizuki’s, that pose a threat to her position with Hime. Kanoko treats Mizuki badly and will only cause trouble for her and Ji. We’ve seen what happens when Kanoko’s frustration reaches its breaking point: she breaks stuff. Rating: Random thought: • Sumika’s blackmail threat didn’t turn out the way she expected. fxi7cp_aiaqgpyz fxi7cp_aiaqgpyz• Ji is good at reading people’s thoughts and motives. However, people like Mizuki and (modern day) Kanoko who have a worldview so different from hers sit in her blind spot. • Although Hime said that Kanoko has no skin, I don’t think that’s true. Mitsuki is a man without a facade. Kanoko does have one – it’s just one that focuses on the inside rather than the outside. • I love the overwhelmed Mitsuki in the final scene. She didn’t know what happened to Kaneko – heck, she probably didn’t realize what happened to Kaneko at all. fxi7cp_aiaqgpyz fxi7cp_aiaqgpyzfxi7cp_aiaqgpyz is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.


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