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Yuri is my job! – Episode 8

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Yuri Is My Job ! ?

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fw-xb_bamas0qzv‘Hey, I have something to ask. Can we completely destroy one of the most important things in your life to cover up my insecurities? ‘

©MIMAN, ICHIJINSHA/Cafe Liebe Project There is no doubt that this The episodes mainly focus on exploring Junxiang and Kanoko and what drives them. However, to truly understand what led to the episode’s major crisis, it’s first necessary to delve into a third character: Ji. Hime has built a personality designed to appeal to everyone she meets in order to pave the way for her idealized (and possibly unattainable) life. She’s basically manipulating everyone around her. That’s not to say Hime is a sociopath — she’s empathetic and deeply caring about those close to her. The problem is that she’s actually only close enough to two people to invest in them personally: Kanoko and Mitsuki. In other words, Hime has a completely different relationship with Kanoko and Mizuki. Kanoko is a follower. She usually does whatever makes Hime happy. She has no greater drive or purpose in life other than being with Hime. Mitsuki, on the other hand, is both stubborn and aggressive. As much as she cares about Hime, she doesn’t let her needs and responsibilities get overwhelmed by Hime’s whims. fw-xb_bamas0qzv fw-xb_bamas0qzv Therefore, Ji cannot manipulate the situation to become Bloom – in fact, she All attempts made Mitsuki the clear frontrunner (since clients saw them as a couple and Mitsuki was the more responsible one). For the first time in a long time, Hime couldn’t get the crowd to do what she wanted. However, she was not disappointed, but found another kind of happiness. Mitsuki, the girl who always gets vilified because she can only be straight , now both popular and able to act like someone who is completely different from her inner self. Hime is proud of her friend’s growth and her own role in helping Mitsuki gain the recognition she is often denied. Or in other words, she realized that she could find joy outside of being the center of attention. It was a positive growth moment for Hime. For Kanoko, however, it’s a threat to everything she holds dear. Kanoko is pathologically dependent on Hime for his own happiness. She’s built her identity around this simple idea: She’s Ji’s only true friend—the only one who knows the real Ji and will never betray her. That’s fine when that’s the truth, but now that Mitsuki is back in the equation, she’s losing her grip on established reality – panicking as she tries to force things back to the way they were before. The problem is, “the way things are” is based on a misunderstanding between Mizuki and Hime. Now that it’s cleaned up, there’s no way to put the genie back in the bottle. fw-xb_bamas0qzv fw-xb_bamas0qzv While this was bad enough for Lu Yezi, Ji Yixin The way she grows pushes her beyond her limits – especially since the catalyst is Miki. After all, if Mizuki can bring about positive change when Kanoko cannot, what is her purpose? If Mitsuki takes Hime’s place, where is she in Hime’s life? At first, she decides that preventing Mitsuki and Hime from becoming even more special—that is, becoming a “Blume Schwestern” couple—is the way to protect her relationship with Hime. So she asks Sumika to help her change the votes so that Sumika wins the election. However, this doesn’t work out as expected, so she wants to take nuclear action – completely destroying the special relationship between Hime and Mitsuki by erasing the concept of Schwestern from the cafe. It is through this act that she turns a cautious ally into a full-fledged enemy. fw-xb_bamas0qzv fw-xb_bamas0qzv Although rather mysterious in the first few episodes, this episode makes Sumika’s motives It became clear: she was out protecting the cafe. In the time before Mizuki joined the cafe, there were two other staff members. Those two started a romantic relationship and – in Chunxiang’s opinion – hurt the cafe a lot. The aftermath left her and Mai as the only remaining cast members. To prevent something like this from happening again, she’s forced to resolve backstage conflicts before they have an external impact on the cafe — especially romantic ones. fw-xb_bamas0qzv fw-xb_bamas0qzv Of course, it’s best done in a way that pleases everyone. If she has to step up and be someone’s friend or confidant, so be it. That’s why she agreed to help Kanoko. As long as she can, Kako doesn’t act out of her apparent jealousy and Junka is more than willing to cooperate – especially since it works so well with the ongoing election story at the cafe. fw-xb_bamas0qzv fw-xb_bamas0qzv However, when Kanoko asks Sumkia to eliminate the concept of Schwestern from the cafe , Sumika sees as an attack on the cafe’s core and what makes it unique. In a way, Kanoko has declared that, in order to satisfy her personal insecurities, she is willing to ruin not only the enjoyment of her clients, but the livelihoods of her colleagues as well. So Sumika responded kindly: blackmailing Kanoko by threatening to drag her out of the proverbial closet as she kicked and screamed in front of the object of her love. With this, we started a cold war in the cafe. The only question now is, how long before the war heats up and everything falls apart? Rating:

Random thoughts: fw-xb_bamas0qzv • Poor Forgetful Ji. She’s glad her friend suddenly has something she cares about outside of her, but doesn’t know what’s going on. fw-xb_bamas0qzv fw-xb_bamas0qzv • While I believe we’ve never seen a wavy, purplish-pink woman hair before In a flashback, we met a character with silver hair and straight hair before… • So many scenes of Mitsuki in this episode are her adorably struggling not to destroy the character and give Hime what she wants. fw-xb_bamas0qzv fw-xb_bamas0qzv • How much does Mai know what happened in her own coffee shop? ignorance? I know she does all the paperwork, but the manager’s job also includes making sure everyone gets along efficiently. fw-xb_bamas0qzvfw-xb_bamas0qzv is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. fw-xb_bamas0qzv



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