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Yuri sci-fi robot animation Volisia of Pluto live on YouTube with English subtitles

Volisia Pluto – Steam Trail Another Era Official Site

(Bosei no Volicia: Big Chapter 1: Kōka) Independent animation project on Sunday Start playing the full animation. The video below is available until August . The video has English and Japanese subtitles.

  • Anime will be held at Nagoya University from July 3rd to 9th Must be screened in cinemas.

    Anime stars: (Romanization of character names and voice actor names is not official)

    • Mahiro Kusaka as Akio Hoshigami

Miho Mashiro as Ayano Umisoe

Harukase Rinka as Yamada null Natsuki Ochiai as Honoka Sato Mirai Ichinose as Shiori Nitta Arai Yuto

as Hoshi no Sadame (The Fate of the Planet) Yuna Hachiman as Kasumi Yamabe Yudai Noda

as Miko 2 Yui Hayashi as Miko 3 Karin Sakuragi as Miko 4

25 year old AsH is credited as director, editor, screenwriter, animator and cinematographer. Composed by Nagiha and sound effects by Kona aka Fukutarau. Zerogosha is credited as a production collaborator.

The animation takes place in 2021, centering on Akio, the star god, who is forced to give up her dreams of becoming a track and field star due to a leg injury. Akio goes to high school with her friend Ayano Kaizo. In the process of new activities and meeting new friends, Akio gradually begins to behave like himself. Then one day Ayano suddenly disappeared.

A sequel to this project is currently being crowdfunded on the Campfire platform. As of press time, the project has raised funds 040,440 Yen (approximately $3, 100) of 1 million yen (approximately $7, 47) Target. Bonfires run through August 23, and If funding is available, a sequel is slated for winter 2022.

AsH has released two other anime before. minute Gekijōban Vapor Trail

animated at 640 and is available to watch on AsH’s YouTube channel, With English subtitles. Penetrating Blue – Steam Trail Another Era 2022- The anime was released on 2022 and is also available on YouTube.

Source: Another Era Volisia of Pluto’s Vapor Trail Erica Friedman






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