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Yuria's Red String Manga, Iwaura, Ebine Yamaji, Kazuo Umezu Win Tezuka Osamu Culture Award

Asahi Shimbun The paper announces the winner as 101 The annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Awards ceremony on Tuesday. The award commemorates the contributions of manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka (/, /, , ) by honoring the manga most in keeping with his tradition. Grand Prize

onnanoko ()
Kiwa Irie
Kodansha (,February400-2021)onnanoko The cartoon is as follows 14 year-old Irie is a ballet dancer and was introduced to the art long ago through her older sister. Now she teaches crafts, lives with her husband, a writer, and lives a simple and happy life. She rushed to the hospital when her husband was bleeding heavily, only to find a mysterious young man standing beside her husband. When Irie’s husband didn’t wake up, the young man admitted that he was Irie’s husband’s lover danchoutei

New Creator Award yuriadanchoutei
Head Pavilion Nikjo (Life at the Grief House)danchouteiGump
(Sunday Webry, 2019-present)
Autobiographical cartoon chronicling author Gump’s three-year battle with cancer story, shortly after one of his comics was reprinted due to January sales 800. danchoutei Short Work Award yuria

(where the girl exists)

Ebine Yamajionnanoko Kadokawa (, January 2021-June2022)danchoutei The comic tells a series about A three-year-old girl from different countries with different religions, cultures and values ​​such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, India and Japan. danchoutei In addition, Kazuo Umezu Received a special prize in honor of Zoku Shingo: Chiisana Robot Shingo Bijutsukan (Sequel Shingo: Small Robot Shingo Art Museum) in
, he is10 Year. This work is a sequel to his Watashi wa Shingo () manga, It is a series of 10 acrylic paintings. Asahi Shimbun The award ceremony is scheduled to be held in Tokyo on June 8. The grand prize winner will receive a bronze statue and 2 million yen (approx. ,, and other winners Each will receive a bronze statue and 1 million yen (about $7, 200). This year’s jury – manga creator Osamu Akimoto, cartoonist Machiko Uranaka , entertainer Minami Takahashi , author and Tohoku University of Art and Design lecturer Yukiko Toyama, professor and scholar Shōhei Chūjō, manga critic Nobunaga Minami, and comedian and manga creator Taro Yabe – Nominees are selected from titles recommended by experts and bookstore staff. To be eligible, the manga must have been published in a collection at 2021.

Nine champions were nominated last year, and Uoto’s won the grand prize. Natsuko Taniguchi Kyōshitsu no Katasumi de Seishun wa Hajimaru won the New Creator Award, Izumi Okaya Ii Toshi o and Hakumokuren wa Kirei ni Chiranai won the short story award.

Source: Asahi Shimbun, Oricon195092




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