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Yūshi Kawata, Yukito Manga Duo to Release New Manga in February

February at Kodansha No. revealed on Tuesday that manga writing duo Yūshi Kawata and


will release a film called Dare ga Okudera Shō o Koroshita no ka? A new manga (Who Killed Shō Okudera?) in the magazine’s next February issue . The comic has been described as the duo’s first psychological suspense story. okuderaokuderaokudera

The story happened in , revolves around the main character, Shō Okudera, a boy who lives in a remote provincial town divided by small turf gangs. Xiang was bullied and used by the gangsters, and even their behavior began to become abnormal, which indicated that there was a change behind the scenes.

The pair recently ended their Tamiko to Visual-kei to (Tamiko and Visual-kei Man and…) manga in June 2021. The duo launched the manga . The two also ended their Super no Oniisan (brother the Supermarket) comic in November 2019, and for CAPCOM

released two new comics of Mega Man () Franchise April 2021. The writer/artist duo are the creators of the comic, Ended in August 17, there are five volumes in total. Dark Horse Comics is publishing comics in English. Kawata also wrote the comedy manga spin-off of Work Comic. As part of the ( + ) TV animation show, this manga inspired a cartoon . Crunchyroll live-streamed the series as it aired.

Source: February issue and website




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