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Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yūgi: Shiroko Senki Manga Returns in Fall 2023

Shogakukan November issue

magazine announced on Wednesday that

Yuu Watase

‘s The manga will return in the fall 2015.

The November issue of Watase

published a new single Photo*) comics. Watase confirmed on Twitter last year that Shinichi Gun had nothing to do with the


Watase recently launched Comics in August 2015 . Due to Watase’s poor health, the manga was discontinued in August 2021 and is still suspended to this day. Shogakukan published the first volume of the manga in April 2018 . Viz Media licensed the series.

The manga will be Fushigi Yūgi’s last story “Four Gods” storyline. Watase previously explained that she is focusing on her health and stamina, adding that she will work hard to finish the story.

She previously published a 52-in February2015.

Watase serialized original text Shogakukan () manga in) magazines from 400 to

, Shogakukan published

compiled volumes. Then she draws from 400 to 130178 . Viz Media published these early manga and Watase’s other works in North America.

Original manga inspired

– 2015 TV anime series in -52. The manga also inspired three original video animation series. Geneon Entertainment was the first to release a TV series and three OVAs in North America. Media Blasters later re-released the DVD TV series at 130178-400, then in again . Media Blasters also released three OVA ) series is on DVD in 2003. Crunchyroll starts airing TV series and three OVAs in February 2015 .

Also inspired three stage productions as well as stage musicals.

Watase’s debut () Comics in exist2008. The manga has been on hiatus for five years, then re-releases chapters in May 2021 and new chapters in July 2023. Watase had previously resumed the manga in July 2015 (in an earlier – one month hiatus), only the manga went back to the hiatus after a month.

The manga got -existAnimated adaptation in) and Crunchyroll streamed when the series aired. Viz Media published the comic 24 August English version 2015.

Source: November issue




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