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Zack Estrin, host of Netflix's “Lost in Space,” dies at 51

TV writer and producer Zack Estrin credits Prison Break and Lost in Space , died Friday in Hermosa Beach, Calif., of unknown cause. he is51.

Estlin had a successful career in television, starting with Charmed, Dawson’s Creek

and Tru Calling, before being promoted to co-executive producer on Fox Jailbreak.

Estrin is the producer and executive producer of two ABC supernatural thrillers The River and The Whispers , and co-creator and executive producer of ABC

long, long ago in Wonderland


He is also the host and executive producer of Netflix’s reimagined Lost in Space.

Born in Estelin, raised in Woodland, CA, and Brooklyn, NY, before starting his career in film entertainment, he attended at the University of Southern California. He is the producer of Stranger Than Fiction and O, based on Shakespeare’s Othello .

In a statement, Estlin’s family called him “our all. Best husband, father, son and friend.”

“He likes to make everyone happy,” Estlin’s family said. “He loves to make everyone laugh. He loves being a writer and producer and being involved in creating these shows that people love. But most of all, he loves his family and friends. Thank you all for being him and our lives

WME President Ari Greenburg added: “Zack has been our customer for almost 25 years. He has had a very Successful and mentored many writers. We are proud of all his achievements and happy to call him a friend.”

Estrin is survived by his wife Kari Estrin , daughters Charlotte Estrin and Chloe Estrin and dogs Molly and Lt. Judy Hopps, in addition to mother Patricia Estrin, father Jonathan Estrin, sister Amelia Burstyn, stepbrother Dylan Arrants and stepsisters Julie List and Laura Humphrey. Donate to the Zack Estrin USC Scholarship Fund. Checks may be mailed through PNG LLC 11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 51 Los Angeles, CA




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