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Zurich: Chairman of the Asghar Farhadi Competition Jury

Two-time Academy Award-winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi will serve as 2022 Zurich International Film Festival, judging this year’s Golden Eye winners. Farhadi will oversee a three-person jury with Swiss director Petra Volpe ( The Divine Order) and producer Daniel Dreifuss ( No , Netflix’s All Quiet on the Western Front ), Swedish producer Peter Gustafsson ( Border), British director Clio Barnard ( The Arbor, Dark River).

acclaimed Killer Films producer Christine Vachon (Boys Don’t Cry, Far From Heaven , I’m Not There ) will be the sidebar of this year’s Zurich Focus competition Judges. Swiss documentary filmmaker Fred Baillif (The Fam), Austrian filmmaker Katharina Mückstein (L’animale ), film editor Maria Fantastica Valmori (Once More Unto the Breach) and Swiss journalist and media executive Roger Schawinski will join Vachon The Focus Jury.

Romanian filmmaker Alexander Nanau, Oscar nominated Collective Director (2022) Jury overseeing the Zurich Documentary Competition, with Writing with Fire director Sushmit Ghosh, film editor Atanas Georgiev (Honeyland), Swiss producers Joëlle Bertossa (Of Sheep and Men) and Nina Numankadić He is the director of the documentary festival group Doc Alliance.

Each jury will present the Golden Eye Award for Best Picture in its respective section, each with a $26,000 (CHF 25 ,). This year’s winners will be announced at the Zurich Film Festival awards ceremony on October 1 at the Zurich Opera House.



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